When do lawn mowers go on sale? (The Best Time To Buy)

Every day seems like there is a sale. Is there a best season for buying a lawnmower, or is it just the summer? I’ve found that there are certain months and select holidays that are the best to save money on a lawnmower. So, before you rush out to grab a new mower, let’s look at the best time to get the best deal.

When will lawn mowers be on sale? (The Short Answer).

There are many holidays throughout year, but there are some holidays that stand out when it is about lawnmower sales. Thankfully they are spread out through the year, so you don’t have to wait too long to snag a deal. These holidays are top-of-the-line:

  • Memorial Day – May
  • Father’s Day – June
  • Independence Day – July
  • Labor Day – September
  • Black Friday – November
  • Cyber Monday – November

The Best Time to Buy a Lawn Mower

You can save money if you plan ahead for your mower purchase. So let’s go over the best time to buy a new lawn mower at a bargain.

If you’ve ever looked at the stock levels of big box stores, you’ll have noticed that there is usually one area that is used for seasonal products. If you walk into stores like Home Depot or Lowes during the summer, the first thing you’ll see is garden furniture, BBQ, and lawn mowers. These products dominate rotation between the beginning of spring and the end of the summer. As fall and winter holidays near, summer products are pushed aside until they disappear completely.  The cycle changes with the seasons. The lawn mowers are replaced with Halloween decorations, Thanksgiving decorations, and Christmas decorations.

According to my observations, stores reduce their lawnmower stock around Labor Day. The final push is to make room in their stores for Black Friday. The best time to buy new lawnmowers is after the summer season. Lawn mowers are often on sale in the fall or winter. If you can wait to buy your mower until Labor Day or Black Friday sales, then you’re in for some savings. Black Friday and end-of-the-year sales can be restrictive.

However, it might be a good opportunity to purchase last year’s model at a lower cost. If you are open to different mower choices and you’re not specific on which mower you want, then you could be looking to save 20% during this end-of-season mower sale.

Other sale periods throughout the year

Life is unpredictable, and if your old mower dies on you and you can’t wait until Labor Day or Black Friday sales in early September or late November, then you’ll need to look at the other holidays. Here are the best times to purchase a lawnmower.

Memorial Day

According to the Consumer Price Index, you can get a 15% discount on your purchase at big-box stores in the USA on Memorial Day. This holiday falls in May when the cutting season starts. It is very convenient. It is very convenient. A 15% discount could make all the difference if you can find one.

Independence Day

July is a difficult month to sell lawnmowers. Consumers are in high demand as the cutting season is in full swing. A 10% discount would be considered a great deal. In general, I wouldn’t classify the summer season as a great time to purchase a new mower, but 10% off the retail price is better than nothing.

Labor Day

Labor Day falls during summer so discounts are not something you should be excited about. On the recommended retail price, you can expect a 10% discount. If you can’t wait until Black Friday, then Labor Day sales could be a good option.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is an online sales event that ties in with Black Friday sales. Cyber Monday is for consumers who shop online and need their products delivered to their homes. The benefit to Cyber Monday is that you may find models that aren’t available in your local store and usually come with free delivery. Cyber Monday is just like Black Friday, and you could save 15%

How to Get the Best Deal on A New Mower (My Top Selling Tips).

But what if you’re on a tight budget and need to find a better deal than the discounts offered? I’ve been there too and have some tips for you. Here are some ways you can increase your savings.

Loyalty Cards

Points cards and loyalty cards in store allow you to accumulate points for purchases in the store. Once you have enough points, you can redeem products at the store. If you make large purchases, these points can quickly add up.

Store Credit Cards

Most retailers offer their own credit cards, which instead of giving you points, give you cash. Cashback comes with the benefit that you can spend your reward wherever and whenever you like.

Personal Credit Cards

You probably already have a credit-card which is associated with a large-name retailer. These cards provide additional cashback for purchases made through the affiliate program. You should take advantage of these programs if you have a Lowes or Home Depot credit or debit card. I’ve seen programs that offer up to 10% cash back on purchases. This makes 15% holiday sales even more appealing.

Alternatives If You Want to Save Money on a Mower But Can’t Wait for the Sales

Combining different sales throughout the year with credit card reward programs can help you save money, but how do you get a bargain if you need a new mower when there aren’t any active sales? There are many ways you can save money.

Older Models

Manufacturers are constantly creating new models. It’s a well-known fact that suppliers want the latest and greatest products lining their shelves. Every model takes up valuable space in the store. Customers are advised to visit their local shops to view the used models, and to find out if there are any discount codes.

Display Models

Some display models are open box or used in stores. Because they are technically used, the retailer cannot sell the product at full MSRP. You’ll find that when newer models become available in store, the old ones are discounted. This means that older models of display may be even cheaper.

Price Matching

Many stores now offer price match programs, which allow them and other retailers to match their prices. These price matching programs are now available to online retailers. Many stores will match the price of a product you find online if it is cheaper than what you bought.

Ask for a discount

Even though a product may not be displayed with a discount, it’s still possible to get it for a lower price. This works best in independent shops such as your local farmer shop or mower shop. So, don’t be afraid or embarrassed, just ask for a discount. There’s no harm in asking.

Models that have been used

Finally, buying secondhand is the biggest discount you’ll get on a lawn mower. This is the best way to save as much as 60% on a lawn mower. A second-hand mower can save you up to 60%, even though it may have scratches and a few minor dents. Big savings when buying a second-hand mower doesn’t mean it’s old or close to death; it just means it’s used. If you go down to your local mower store, you’ll find they have a selection of used products that they have serviced. You can also save big if you’re a budding mechanic by using online marketplaces such as Craigslist and Facebook.

When do lawn mowers go on sale? The Best Time to Buy

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