One day you’re out watering your new sod and see a dandelion poking through. Now you’re raking your head wondering if it’s normal to find weeds in new sod or if you missed a step. It can be frustrating to see weeds growing on your lawn. However, it is important to take the time to plan how to prevent any damage to your delicate lawn. So let’s go over a few ways to safely deal with the pesky weeds growing in your new sod and find out how they got there in the first place.

Is it normal for weeds to grow in new soil?

Don’t worry, the weeds in your new sod are normal and happen to the best of us. Weeds, even those that aren’t as stubborn as you think, can cause lawn problems. There are some things you can do to stop weeds growing in your lawn. Let’s take a look.

These Are Some Reasons You May Have Found Love in Your New Sod

Weeds are tricky plants that are very hard to get rid of once they’ve taken root. They can be found almost anywhere and spread quickly and easily. You can find weeds in your new sod from the soil, the soil, or natural dispersion.

Your soil can support weed seeds

Before you plant new sod, it is important to make sure your soil has been properly prepared. This would indicate that any weeds present in the ground can be eliminated using herbicides and root treatment. But sometimes even these methods don’t get rid of all the weed roots and seeds. It’s normal for old weeds to grow and poke through your new sod.

Sod Contamination

Every sod is different. Some sod producers go to great extents to eradicate weeds. If your new sod is producing weeds from the onset, it’s likely that they came with the sod itself. Sometimes sod can pick up weed seeds if it sits for a while before being installed. It is important to inspect the sod before you buy it. If in doubt, you can choose a different variety of sod or a seller.

Natural dispersion

Wildlife, wind, and water can spread new weed seeds. Animals can track weed seeds through your yard, or seeds can blow in from your neighbor’s yard. You might be able identify the source of your problem if you notice a lot weeds in your neighborhood.

How to Get Ridof Heeds in New Sod

While it might be tempting to just get to work on weed removal as soon as possible, I suggest taking a moment to consider a more safe approach. Because your new lawn is fragile, it will take more time and attention to weed it than your normal approach. You don’t want to kill your new lawn while trying to control the weeds.

Remove weeds by hand

Unfortunately, the most efficient and fastest method can also prove to be the most tedious. Hand-weeding your new seed may be the best method to manage weeds such as dandelions. Gently pull the root of the plant. If you don’t have the patience or time to pull on the roots of smaller weeds, this might not be the best option.

Targeted herbicide

New sod is very fragile, and I don’t recommend spraying anything on it in the first few weeks to months. Most herbicides, like RoundUp, will kill your vulnerable new sod while killing off the weeds, and you definitely don’t want that. If your weed problem is so severe that you have to act quickly, a targeted herbicide might be the best choice. If you know the specific weed you’ve got, such as Dollarweed, then you can buy a targeted herbicide that will kill only the weed and leave the sod alone.

Keep Weeds Away

You can have a weed-free lawn by including weeding in your lawn maintenance program. Keep weeds away from your yard. This means preventing new growth and removing them before they grow deep roots.

Kill Weeds Before Sod Is Put in

It is a good idea if you have other areas in your yard that you want to sod. It will make it much easier to weed your garden in the future. To get rid of any weeds or seeds, you can spray herbicides onto the soil. Allow the soil chemicals to disintegrate for a few more days before you lay the new sod.

Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Pre-emergent herbicides are available to stop future weed development. These can be used in spring to control summer and fall weeds. It is best to wait until the soil has settled before spraying any preemergent herbicide. If you use a preemergent herbicide, it could cause damage or sod to be planted.

Routine Maintenance

Regular mowing is key to controlling weeds. If you leave it too long between mowing, weeds may go to seed. If your mower allows baggers, I recommend you use them while you mow to collect any seeds or weeds. This will stop them from spreading throughout the lawn.

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New Sod: Why and What to Do

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