The Weed Eater Head keeps falling off (Why and What to Do)

So we don’t get confused here, we’re talking about the entire head falling off the weed eater. The entire head is at risk, not just the cap or spool. You know, when the whole head falls off, and you’re just left with the shaft and guard at the end of your weed eater. This sounds familiar? Well, if this describes your weed eater issue, then let me explain what’s going on.

Why Your Weed Eater’s Head Keeps Falling Off (The Short Answer)

A common feature of weedeaters, is that they use a bearing housing to transfer the motion from their flex cables to their weedeater spool heads. A bolt attaches both the shaft and bearing housing to the housing. A small c-washer secures it to the shaft. If either of these items fails, your weed eater’s head will fall off.

Two reasons your string trimmer head keeps floating off

You may be familiar with the problem of the head falling off a Stihl FST38, 40, 45, 45, 45, 46 or 46 weed wacker. It’s kind of a common problem these types of curved shaft string trimmers have as they use a simple bearing housing. So, let’s take a closer look.

Check out the C Washer Clips

If you look at a weed eater’s head, you will see a metal bar sticking out from one end. This is the bearing housing shaft. If you inspect the bar, you’ll find a tiny groove at the end. This is the location for the cwasher clips. This is why your weedeater head keeps slipping off. A missing clip for your c-washer.

Checking the Bearing Housing Bolt

You will encounter a different problem if you look at the end and see beyond the metal bar. The clip holding the c washer is still in place. You now have a tube of metal with a few washers. This means that the bearing housing is now removed.

The bearing housing also has a threaded holding. It can be found on the side of the tube. This is where the housing bolt holds the bearing housing in place. You may need to replace the whole bearing case if the threads become damaged. If the bolt looks good, however, you may just need a new one.

How to fix a weedwacker that keeps falling off?

So, if your weed eater’s head keeps falling off, then hopefully, one of these fixes will help you out. Let’s dive in.

Replace the C-Washer Bearing House

To start this fix, you’ll need to remove the line head. You can remove the nut by using a socket wrench, or a socket tool. Next, take out the bar. Next, use a screwdriver and remove the bolt holding the guard to the shaft. Next, take the housing bolt off the shaft.

Take a pair of channel locks and pull the bearing housing from the weed eater’s shaft. You should be careful when removing the bearing housing from the shaft. The c washer clips might still be on the bearing.

Now it’s decision time. Check the groove in the bar to determine if it has worn. If the cwasher clip has worn, it will likely fall off again when it is reinstalled. A replacement bearing housing may be required. If you’re interested in giving it a shot, make sure you have all the parts in the right order. Washer, housing and washer, then the washer clips.

Attach the parts in their correct order. Next, press the c-washer into place with a pair of pliers. Finally, remove the head housing bolt and bolt from the head.

Tools Required for Installing C.Washer Clips On A Weed Eater

  • Socket Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Channel Locks
  • Pliers

Replacing Housing Bolt

You should have read and understood the instructions for replacing the clip. These are the steps to follow in case you were unsure.

Steps to Replace a Housing Bolt

  1. Remove the nut from under the weed eater’s head.
  2. You can remove the head of the weedeater.
  3. The screw that holds the guard in its place must be removed.
  4. Move the guard out of the path.
  5. Replace the housing bolts with the original or newer version.
  6. Reposition the guard.
  7. Install the guard screw.
  8. Attach the head and the bearing’s metal bar to it.
  9. Turn the head nuts into place and tighten them.

Toots will be required to install the Bearing Housing Bolt

How to Prevent Your Trimmer’s Head Spinning Off Again

With this type of weed eater, there isn’t really anything you can do about the c-washer clip coming off. It’s just a normal wear and tear problem. You can still check the housing bolt for loosening and tighten it as necessary.

Weed Eater Head Continues to Fall Off (Why + How to Do)

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