Tristaniopsis Laurina – Water Gum Growing Guide

Tristaniopsis Lurina is tolerant of most soil types, but requires a lot more water. While the tree doesn’t mind shade, it’s more of a sun worshipper.

Water Gum can be maintained in good condition with some pruning. This tree is great for low-maintenance gardens. It does well in a coastal garden as it is salt tolerant and it’s resistant to drought. 

Preference for sunlight

You want to ensure your tree gets full sun for optimal health and happiness. If necessary, you can tolerate part shade.

Best Soil Water Gum

Water Gum can tolerate many soil types because of its low maintenance. The tree can tolerate both dry and well-drained soils, as well as anything in between.

This means that you can use either clay loam or rock soil. You can choose between neutral pH levels or acidic pH levels. 


Tristaniopsis Laurina may grow well in subtropical conditions. It can also thrive in warm and Mediterranean climates. Kanooka trees are very strong and can handle frost and drought like a pro.


Tristaniopsis lurina can also receive slow-release native fertilizer in spring. You need to know how to choose the right fertilizer for Tristaniopsis lurina.

Check out our Yates Fertilizer Reviews and Buying Guide for 2022. 

Watering Schedule

For 13 weeks, the Kanooka must be watered each day to establish itself. It does become drought tolerant when it’s older but in the early days, doesn’t do well with very dry conditions.

Mulch is a great option to retain moisture in your tree or garden.

Pruning Water Gum

Pruning is a great way to grow Water Gum. We recommend removing any branches that have become diseased, especially if it is young.

The rest of your pruning is to keep the shape you want. It’s best to do your pruning once the flowers have bloomed for the season. 

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Tristaniopsis Laurina – Water Gum Growing Guide

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