A lean-to greenhouse, also known as a wall greenhouse, is designed to make use of an existing wall. The greenhouse extends out from the building with the building wall acting as one of its sides (or more accurately it’s back). A lean to greenhouse is usually built on the east or south sides of a home in order to get as much sunlight possible.

A lean-to greenhouse is a great choice if you have limited space for a full greenhouse and want to extend your growing season despite the outdoor weather conditions. I will be reviewing three popular lean-to greenhouses on the market.

First things first…

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Palram Hybrid compact greenhouse

The versatile Rion Lean greenhouse

The Ogrow greenhouse lean to with sliding door

Top 3 Lean To Greenhouse Kits For Sale number 1Palram Hybrid Hybrid Greenhouse

The Palram Hybrid lean-to greenhouse is a 4′ by 8′ unit that is great for people with limited space.

Palram Hybrid lean-to greenhouseIt is lightweight and compact, but has great features and a spacious interior. It is ideal to grow herbs and vegetables.


Palram Hybrid lean-to greenhouse kit is made from strong aluminum frames. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures without rusting or corrosion.

The sides and roof of the house are made of durable polycarbonate.

The Palram Hybrid greenhouse kit measures 96″ by 49″ by 88″ and comes in at 61 lbs.

The aluminum frame adds extra weight to the vehicle which improves its stability on the ground.

The greenhouse’s headroom is approximately 7.1 feet. This allows you to easily tend to your crops without needing to bend.

Hangers can be placed in more space than you think. Stock shelves on the building wall for additional plants as the greenhouse is roomy enough to still move around in it.


Palram Hybrid lean-to greenhouse ventilationA roof vent is designed to provide ventilation and is easily accessible.

This allows you to open your door when you need to adjust the heat or humidity.


The greenhouse features a 4 mm twin-walled, polycarbonate roof that reduces UV rays to as much as 99%

This will protect your plants from the harmful UV radiations.

Side walls are made of a clear polycarbonate, which is strong enough to protect against harsh winds and cold.

The polycarbonate walls also have the advantage of being unbreakable. If the unit is struck with a ball, stone, or other hard objects, it should not be damaged.

User Experience/Accessibility

Palram Lean-To Greenhouse kit installation can be difficult. The basic design of all greenhouse kits is the same.

The wall-mounting kit helps to secure the unit to a wall. Some people skip the installation step – don’t be one of them!

installation Palram Hybrid lean-to greenhouse kitIf you don’t use the wall-mounting attachments the entire unit can come down.

The user manual is simple to read and will guide you through the installation process.

You can access the lean to greenhouse through a hinged door. It comes with a swinging door so make sure it is properly mounted.

Some people don’t think through the installation before they start. They discovered that swinging doors won’t open properly once the kit has been installed.


  • The unit is equipped with a thick roof, which provides UV-ray protection
  • It has a strong, rust- and corrosion-resistant aluminum frame
  • Fits on any wall
  • Hangers can fit in any space. Stock shelves
  • The room is large enough that a family with four can fit in. plant stand
  • Rain gutters can be used to collect water
  • You can adjust the roof vent to control humidity or heat levels in your greenhouse
  • It features a modern design
  • The warranty period for the greenhouse is 5 years


  • Installation can take some time.
  • The floor space available to you is limited

Amazon Palram Hybrid Lean To greenhouse

Top 3 Lean To Greenhouse Kits For Sale number 2Rion Sunroom Greenhouse

The Rion Sunroom Greenhouse was marketed more like a small conservator/sunroom rather than a greenhouse. This marketing trick is not true, however, since the unit is a simple greenhouse lean to.

Rion lean-to greenhouseRion claims that this is the best option if you want a sunroom or greenhouse for your patio.

The design is quite clearly that of a lean-to greenhouse so don’t let the name “sunroom”Don’t forget to turn it off.

The unit can be ordered in a variety of sizes, from very small units to very large.


This greenhouse kit is made of a strong resin frame that can withstand extreme weather conditions and last many years. It is almost maintenance-free.

Top 3 Lean-To Greenhouse Kits for Sale

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