Thief stole leaf blower from Ron Smith in Worcester – then sprinted out door

A BRAZEN thief stole a leaf blower from a city shop before sprinting out the door ‘quicker than Usain Bolt’.

The suspect picked up the Husqvarna Leaf Blower from a shelf at Ron Smith and Company before running out the door so fast he was likened by staff to the Jamaican world-record-breaking sprinter.

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The footage, shown here, shows the thief running out of the garden machinery retailer in Newtown Road in Worcester on Wednesday (September 7).

SUSPECT: The suspect flees with the leaf blower he purchased from Ron Smith and Co on Newtown Road in Worcester

The company, which has been in Worcester since 1967, shared a CCTV still of the suspect on Facebook following the theft of the £250 piece of kit at 11.50am.

Other makes and models have now had security cables fitted as staff step up their defences against shop thefts, having already invested in a CCTV system.

The business stated that: “Does anyone recognise this lovely man that decided to help himself to some of our new machinery out of the shop and run the 100 metres out of the shop quicker than Usain Bolt?”

The matter was reported by West Mercia Police. As yet, nobody from West Mercia Police has been out to view the footage of the theft says sales manager Rob Manton.

Mr Manton, who has worked in the shop since 1985, stated that he just picked it up and ran.

“Two-three of my colleagues had asked him if he needed any support.

“He just carried on, wandering around. He grabs the bag and sprints to the door. He waited until we were all busy, grabbed it and ran.”

Mr Manton said security cables have already been placed on more items to prevent a repeat of what happened.

He said that you can’t secure everything. We are a showroom. People like to touch and test products. If we don’t have the product, we might as easily put a photo on it. Security cables were once a standard feature on chainsaws.

“We are now putting more cables on more machines. It’s our employees he’s stealing from. He’s stealing from everyone on site. It’s so frustrating. It’s all money going out of the business that does not need to be.”

West Mercia was contacted for comment. The police were notified, and the reference 22/89140/22 has been given to the business.

Anyone with information is asked to call West Mercia Police at 101, and quote the reference #.

Thief stole leaf blower from Ron Smith in Worcester – then sprinted out door

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