The Ego Leaf Blower Review – The Best Cordless Fall Tool

I wasn’t a leaf blower fan. My father loved his old-fashioned push mower and raised me with it. I saw leaf raking and sweeping leaves from the patio as an opportunity of exercise outdoors. I saw leaf blowers as a lazy person’s Very loud solution to a problem that wasn’t actually a problem.

We tripled the size of our stone patio to accommodate my Texan husband. That’s when the Ego Power+ 580The green-and gray armour that was worn by the knight resulted in a knight-like appearance.


Power+ 580 Cordless Leafblower 5.0Ah Battery and Charger

I laughed and rolled my eyes as my husband brought it home. It’s trueIt’s a great thing to do, and then last fall, we hosted friends for windy days of fire pit fun and meals on consecutive windy days. The patio was covered in leaves, acorns, just before our guests arrived. My 51-year-old back throbbed at the mere mention of speed-raking, thanks to our oak tree. I took out the blower from my shed and turned it to low. Within minutes, the patio was clear. The second session ended when the last of our wet leaves were removed from the firepit. outdoor dining tableI was able to see I had become a leaf-blower.

The Ryobi Whisper Series BlowerSometimes called the The market is at its quietestThe Ego is more efficient and has higher blow rates. You can also adjust the settings according to your needs. I live on an entire acre. The Ego is handy for when I need to quickly move a lot of leaves into our leaf-composting heap. 5.0Ah battery, press the Turbo button and it’s easy peasy. I can set my dial to Low to clear some leaves off the pool deck before I head to work and not disturb my neighbors or family. The Ego equals choices, and it’s easy to operate with one or two hands, depending upon your comfort level. (If you’re shopping for Ego’s most powerful blower, the company recommends its Power+ LB7650.)

I also like that the built-in stand means the blower won’t tip over if you need to take a break or answer your phone.

My husband will tell you (and anyone else who will listen) that my husband loves the Ego blower’s entire Ego system. It also uses the same lithium-ion battery in 2.5, 5 and 7.Ah capacities. These tools are indispensable in our home. A pole saw, Weed eaterYou can also find more information about a Planter. (You’ll want to buy the Ego multi-toolThis works with attachments. We also have Ego Power+ 21 inch self-propelled mower. Two of the 5.0AhOne 2.5Ah. My experience is that the tools are easy to use and quiet. 

This was just purchased Ego Power+ chain saw. I’ve found myself asking my husband: Do we have anything that needs chainsawing this weekend? Now he’s the one rolling his eyes.

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The Ego Leaf Blower Review – The Best Cordless Fall Tool

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