It’s a good time to upgrade your lawnmower during the winter off-season. A reliable mower is fine, but why not have a faster, more efficient machine that allows you to spend more time cutting? We’ve gone ahead and put together some of the best lawn mower deals to help you save time and money ahead of the summer.

This list includes a wide range of gas and electric push mowers, as well as robot options with many different deck sizes. However, we’ve chosen to leave out riding mowers for now. We’ve also listed a few pros and cons of each mower style at each section’s start to help you choose. A good lawn mower should last many years.

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Greenworks40V 20-inch Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower

The innovative Smart Cut technology makes yard work easier with the cordless lawn mower.

greenworks mower best lawn mower deals

There are two basic types of electric lawn mowers — cordless mowers and corded ones that rely on connected power to reach the edges of your lawn. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The cordless electric lawn mowers are usually more expensive than their plug in counterparts. This is because all you need is a charged battery, and you’ll be able to mow just about anywhere you can take your mower. You can also save some energy by using cordless mowers with different power modes. A removable 40V battery can be easily replaced by your cordless mower, doubling your mowing times.

Corded electric mowers, on the other hand are usually cheaper as they use power cords rather than expensive batteries. This means that you can only mow in the areas where your extension cords are allowed. It is important to pay attention to your extension cords as well. Otherwise, the mower could cut them.

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Gas lawn mowers

gas powered mower

Gas-powered mowers are a nice choice if you want to maximize your power and you’re not too worried about noise. Gas can be used to mow any area your mower can reach. Gas mowers have more power than electric mowers, which is why they are better if you have very thick grass.

Gas mowers have a few drawbacks. Not only do you need to have gasoline on hand but also more engine parts can fail and cause costly trips to the repair shop. Many gas-powered mowers have an electric start mechanism, but these can also lead to expensive repairs.

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Robot lawn mowers

Husqvarna Automower 430x robot lawn mower best lawn mower deals

Robot lawnmowers, similar to robot vacuums are some of most expensive and advanced options available on the market. They can be controlled using apps, and they have varying levels of autonomy. This means you can schedule your robot to mow quickly and easily. Some robot mowers also work with apps. Alexa. Robot mowers are typically very quiet, so you could probably mow overnight without disturbing anyone’s sleep.

Although robot lawn mowers have autonomous functionality, they need to monitor their battery levels and return to the charger when necessary. You might find yourself with a half-mowed lawn after a few hours, as well as a line that is not in the right place where the mower returned the hub.

Best deals:

This concludes our list of the best lawnmower deals currently available. There are many other ways to boost your smart home.

The Best Lawn Mower Deals for 2022

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