The Best Gardening Tools For Beginners in 2022

While modern-day humans may not need to grow everything they plan to eat themselves, it’s certainly rewarding, and tasty, to make a salad sourced from your own backyard. And you don’t need a sprawling plot of land to get started. Whether you’re planning a greenhouse full of tomatoes or just want to grow a few herbs on your deck, it qualifies as a garden.

Of course, gardens aren’t limited to veggies. Your backyard can be transformed into a place to enjoy a summer barbecue or attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and other wildlife all summer. Outdoor gardening can be as labor-intensive as you’d like, or not, depending on what you plant and the level of maintenance and dedication you’re willing to provide. These are some of the best plants to start your garden.

From hoses and gloves to trowels and wheelbarrows, these are the items you’ll need in order to plant and maintain a thriving outdoor garden, no green thumb required.

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The Best Gardening Tools For Beginners in 2022

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