The best electric leaf blowers designed for fall leaves



It’s time for you to find the best electric leaf blowers to deal with fall leaves. These top-rated electric lawn blowers are lightweight and powerful, as well as being more friendly to the environment. The best electric leaf blowers can remove leaves and debris from your yard, gutters or outdoor spaces. 

No matter if you’re shopping for a Handheld leaf blower, Corded electric leaf blower, Cordless blowerOr a Backpack leaf blowerMany of these items are on sale right now. Here are some of our top-rated options for this fall.

This article includes the top products.

Milwaukee handheld blower, $170 (regularly $190).

Greenworks cordless Leaf Blower, $171 (regularly £180).

Greenworks Pro cordless backpack-style leaf blower, $317 (regularly350).

Your old gas lawn mower or gas-powered gas leaf blower can pollute the earth. According to the California Air Resources BoardA gas-powered mower can mowing your lawn for about the same time as driving 100 miles in a car. 

Gas-powered lawn equipment California bans the use of the word “ban” — the use of gas-powered lawn mowers and leaf blowers will be phased out by 2035. Many cities across the United States, including Seattle and Burlington in Vermont, are working towards eliminating exhaust-emitting devices. 

It’s time for eco-friendly yard tools to take care of fallen leaves. We have a list top-rated electric lawn blowers that can clean large yards. These leaf blowers weigh less than heavy gas ones. These lawn care tools won’t produce smog and won’t cost you a fortune. These blowers have at least a 4 star rating and tons positive feedback. 

Continue reading to learn more about the best corded, handheld and backpack electric leaf blowers that you can use for your fall leaves.

Milwaukee handheld blower


Milwaukee via Amazon

Amazon customers love this cordless hand-held blower. It is rated 4.8 stars. 

“When I first started the blower I was surprised how quiet it was compare to the Worx blower. The performance was also quite impressive. Then I realized that I wasn’t at my full speed. It went to rabbit mode, and it was amazing! It has incredible power. I also found out that it had a variable speed control, depending on how much you push the trigger,” Write to Amazon customer

“Hands-down best leaf blower on the market. Nothing comes close,” Comment another.

Milwaukee handheld blower, $170 (regularly $190).

Greenworks cordless Leaf Blower



This blower has a rating of 4. stars and can blow away both dried and wet leaves at 150 mph. 

“I had recently bought the Greenworks lawn mower and was very impressed with that, so I decided to try this — especially since it uses the same battery so I could buy just the blower and save almost half,” Write to Amazon customers. “The unit is well balanced and does a surprisingly good job of moving mountains of oak leaves — even some wet ones.”

Greenworks cordless Leaf Blower, $171 (regularly £180).

Worx Turbine 600 electric leaf blower


Worx via Amazon

This electric leaf blower can blow 600 cubic yards of air per hour and is rated 4.7 stars. This lawn tool can be used in two speeds: 60 mph for tight corners or 110 mph for open areas. 

“This is one of the most powerful handheld electric blowers available,” Write to Amazon customers. “If you’re serious about getting the job done quickly, this is the baseline.”

Worx Turbine 600 electric Leaf Blower. $58 (regularly, $80).

Dewalt XR leaf blower


Dewalt via Amazon

The battery-operated leaf blower can produce winds up to 120 mph. It can run for up to 87 minutes at the lowest speed and 12 minutes at the highest speed.

“I love this thing,” Write a review for Amazon. “I’ve never owned any blower before because of size weight and fuel. This blower is great for regular use. I’ve found alternate ways to use it, inflating anything, burning brush quickly. No complaints on power consumption and cruise control is super nice.” 

Dewalt XR Leaf blower, $199 (regularly $220)

Black + Decker electric Leaf Blower


Black + Decker via Amazon

This corded, lightweight leaf-broom is only 4.4 lbs. Many people have positive opinions about this product. The product is praised by verified buyers for its power and accessibility to those who can’t handle a larger machine. 

“I am a 48-year-old woman with an arthritis-like condition and I like that this blower is very lightweight and easy to maneuver/manage with the nice hand hold,” Write a review for Amazon. “It has plenty of power to push any debris out the garage door and to keep my garage clean. Will be handy around our yard too, as long as we have a power cord that’s long enough. Great little leaf blower!”

Black + Decker electric Leaf Blower, $21 (regularly $55)

Sun Joe electric leaf blower


Sun Joe via Amazon

This leaf blower can blow up to 155 mph with a rating 4.6 stars

“After watching my mom use this product to remove leaves off the deck and sing its praises about how lightweight it was I decided to purchase one,” Amazon user wrote who purchased the budget-friendly yard essential. “I live by the woods and the leaves have already started falling. I bought this product to keep the leaves off my deck, patio, and walkways between my lawn care visits. It is lightweight, easy to move around and powerful.”

Sun Joe electric leaf blower at $20 (regularly $21)

Greenworks Pro cordless backpack leaf blower



The electric backpack leaf blower is capable of running for up to 18 minutes at high speeds (180 mph) with a fully charged lithium battery. 

“I had doubts, but this blower fully delivers on every level,” Write to Amazon customerWho bought the 4.2-star yard system? “The easy usage, power and comfort made this purchase very satisfying. It’s not loud, doesn’t produce exhaust and is a joy to use!”

Greenworks Pro cordless backpack-style leaf blower, $317 (regularly350).

Ego Power+ battery backpack leaf blower kit


Ace – Ego Power

Are you looking for a backpack leaf-blower This powerful option is 30x more quiet than comparable gas blowers and weighs half as much. This weather-resistant blower features a control switch that allows for you to adjust the airflow at your will. 

A customer who purchased the Ego backpack leaf blower called it a “great choice.” 

“Great machine that can clean things up without bursting your eardrums,”They wrote. “I like the turbo button that gives a potent boost when you need it. So glad I went with Ego instead of a gasoline powered blower.”

Ego Power+ backpack leaf blower, $419

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The best electric leaf blowers designed for fall leaves

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