The best 18 gardening tools for spring 2022

It is finally warm enough that the garden can start again. This means trips into the flower and home shops, as well the bulbs and trellis retailers.

If you want to test your thumbs but don’t have much space outside, our indoor gardening options will help. You can use herb garden kits and grow lamps that are fully equipped.

There are many new gadgets for traditional gardeners who want the freedom to get out there and start digging. You can put mini-greenhouses in the garden or large flowerbeds to hold your favorite fruits.

Best indoor gardening tools

1. Click to Grow the Smart Garden, $139.95

Click and Grow

No natural light in your apartment? No problem.

Click and Grow is simple to use. You can easily grow your own herbs, flowers, or vegetable gardens right from your kitchen countertop. First, insert your plant pods. Then, add water to your machine. It will take care everything else.

We also tested our green thumb and reviewed the device last year, loving the fresh basil, lettuce and herbs the little box was able to yield.

2. The ēdn SmallGarden, $200

A small indoor basil garden

To make your Apple-enabled smart home even smarter, you can grow your own herbs. They will be yours for life and you won’t have to buy them from the grocery store again.

Sold on Apple’s site, the ēdn brand garden is powered by your home WiFi, fully equipped with a grow light and a water notification system to make sure your herbs are properly hydrated, even if you forget. This set comes with 10 basil seed pods, but you can also buy more in a variety of herbs and flowers.

3. HAMAMA Home Microgreens Growing kits, $40

A bed of microgreens

Eat your greens — even if they are micro.

Amazon’s microgreen gardening kit is a great option for anyone looking to get into the hobby. The kit comes with a seed-bedding blanket that will sprout in 7 to 8 days and then be ready for harvesting.

4. Blooming Tables Entryway Table, $299

A white table with a glass clear top and green plants coming out of it

You don’t have to limit your green space to the backyard. You can have flowers in every room of your house.

A Blooming Table can be used to grow houseplants. It is a table or desk that can be turned into a blooming table. It can save valuable floor space. Instead of having a planter on your counter or floor the planter can be used to create a desk or table. The planter also comes with a glass top, which can hold your morning coffee or a glass topping. Water the plants like you would any other and don’t worry about overwatering, as there is a drain valve on the bottom to get rid of any excess.

5. 4-Tier Mini Portable Indoor Outdoor Greenhouse w/ Steel Shelves, $55

An indoor and outdoor four shelf green house with plants in it
Best Choice Products

Spring is finally here and could soon be blooming in your backyard.

This greenhouse shelving unit can easily be mounted against a wall and is ideal for small spaces. The shelf comes with a plastic greenhouse cover to keep bugs out of your plants and maintain constant humidity to encourage plant growth. Each shelf can hold 20 lbs. You can add greenery to your backyard by bringing in flowers, herbs, or other greenery.

6. Kings Gardening Clever Pot Self Watering Pot, $31

A black owl-shaped plant pot

This adorable planter will remind to water your indoor plants every single day.

The adorable owl-shaped poter can automatically water your plants for up to 10 consecutive days. The eyes on the owl indicate the water level, and once the planter is looking down, it’s time to refill.

7. 75W LED Grow light indoor plants, $30

A red and blue grown light over animations of plants

You must ensure that indoor plants get enough light and don’t envy their outdoor friends.

This grow light will provide full spectrum lighting using IR or ultraviolet panels. The lamp can be used on all types of houseplants, including bonsai, bonsai plants, and many other things.

8. Double Macrame Hanger, $40

A man holding a double macramé plant holder with plants inside

You can make the most out of one corner of your house by stacking plants so that they can take advantage of the sun.

This double macramé hanger from Bloomscapes can hold two potted plants at a time, so long as they have between a four- and six-inch diameter. The planter measures 51 inches in length. The hanging loop can be used to secure the top.

Best outdoor gardening tools

1. Treblesvals Gardening Handtools, $22

A five piece set of gardening tools with a sunflower print

A great garden starts with hard work — and good tools.

Amazon offers a great set with a cute sunflower pattern that will match your garden. This set includes everything you need to get started, including a scale shovel or soil shovel, hand trowel, pruner and gloves.

2. UKOKE Garden Tool Set, 12 Piece Aluminum Hand Tool Kit, $33

A set of orange and green gardening tools, gloves, apron, and more

Have tools — will garden.

This kit is ideal if you want to start a garden from scratch. The set is available on Amazon and includes everything you need, except dirt and actual plants. The 12-piece set includes high-quality aluminum tools, gardening gloves, and a sprayer bottle. It also includes a kneeling pads, a kneeling pad, as well as a water-proof, waterproof apron.

3.Amagabeli 2 Pack Garden Trellis, $50.99

This white trellis will make your garden the envy of all your neighbors, especially if you have a garden that grows around it.

When the posts are wrapped up, your vines and flowers will reach all the heights. It is available in beautiful white and a light brown mocha to match your home’s exterior.

4. Colwelt Garden Kneeling Pad Set, $20

A three-piece set of a kneeling pad, gloves and a shovel for gardening

Don’t hurt your knees when tending to the garden.

This Amazon set of three will protect your hands and knees from soreness. The main attraction is the kneeling pad, decorated with green and white flowers and made to be cushioned to protect your knees and legs from getting soiled — no pun intended. Grab the matching gloves and you can get started in your garden.

5. Planter with Trellis and Self Watering Reservoir, $130

Two stand up planters, one white and one brown, with flowers in the bed
Plow & Hearth

It’s a planter. It’s a trellis. It’s both!

This combination planter/trellis combo will give you the best in gardening. It can also be self-watered. The hybrid is available in two colors from Plow and Hearth: dark brown and white. The planter as well as the trellis come with wheels, so the plants can move around in shade or more sun. The tank can hold two gallons of water. There are indicators that show when you need to refill.

6. Zanuary Garden Kneeler & Zanuary Garden Chair With Tool Pouch, $34

A blue gardening tool bench

This Amazon gardening bench is simple to use.

Gardeners need to be able to see what they are doing. This bench can be used for planting as a safe, dry spot to sit or kneel. It doubles as a storage bag that can store all your tools and seeds.

7. Ketchum Fir Potting Bench, $167

A brown potting station

Get your hands dirty, not your deck.

This Wayfair potting bench is stylish and practical, making it ideal for beginners. The main level has a tub that holds dirt. It can be removed for washing or covered with the attached PVC sheet to make it flattened and usable. There are two shelves on the top and bottom to store potted plants, watering cans, and other items.

8. Kash Wood Planter Box, $107

A wooden planter box

Do your pets keep getting in your way of you planting a garden?

Wayfair’s wooden planter will elevate your garden to the next level. The 48-inch planter box is 15 inches tall and comes predrilled with holes and screws for easy assembly. The cedar wood has been pre-stained to make it weatherproof, even during summer storms.

9. Ukiber Plant Watering Can, $13

A light blue watering can with detachable spout

For days that nature doesn’t water the plants for you, this is the next best thing.

Amazon sells this sleek watering can. This watering container is available in a light blue color that screams spring. It also comes in a white or slate grey version. The watering can can hold 1.8 liters. It also has a removable spraynozzle that can be used for different types of plants.

10. Gardener’s Tool Seat, $44

A green pop-up gardening seat with slots for tools
Uncommon Goods

It can be tiring to plant in your garden every single day.

This seat from Uncommon Goods is a gardener’s dream, as it is perfect for taking a seat in the hot summer sun while tending to your flowerbeds low to the ground. There are 21 slots to hold all your tools.


The best 18 gardening tools for spring 2022

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