By Danny Stusser

Tuesday night’s rainstorm is being blamed, at least initially, for the partial collapse of a roof in an empty retail spot in the Capital Village Shopping Center at 400 Cooper Point Road SW shopping center in West Olympia.

The Ace Hardware store and West Side Station of US Postal Service, both located there, were closed Friday, December 2, three day after the storm.  

The staff of the retailer were available to assist customers who arrived at their store; one told The JOLTThey stated that they were working to reopen their store in the coming days, but did not provide details.

The postal service posted signs on the glass that read, “We will be closed until further notice due to water leak. You can pick up [sic] your mail starting tomorrow 12-1-2022 @ Tumwater Station located: 200 Israel Road SE, Tumwater, WA 98501.”

The postal station and retailer are located on either side of an empty space at the south end of the strip mall. The empty space’s roof collapsed, flooding the middle space. The water from the empty space flooded the spaces on the sides. 

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Storm-related flood shutters, Ace Hardware

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