Sneak Peek: Restoration Hardware is Open in Edina

The season’s opening in Edina took places last night on a parking lot at a mall, under the shadow of a water tower. Restoration HardwareTheir flagship store opened on 2 acres of land near Galleria and France Ave. 

It’s a stunner. It’s impossible to deny that.

There are three levels of style or opulence. These include galleries and showrooms that display bedrooms, sitting areas, art, and sofas as well as a gallery of artworks and well-crafted pieces. Mads Nachbar can tell you more when she is able. 

The third floor, the highest, has a lot to offer. It is their seventh full service restaurant. It’s hard to overstate the beauty of it, trees tower underneath the glassed in roof, greenery lines the booths and tables. The water feature in its center gurgles like a fountain in Savannah square. It’s luxurious. The chandelier hangs high above. The sunsets will be spectacular from outdoor spaces with west-facing views. 

We can’t say much about the food. There’s not much to say about the food at this point. They were very tight with information and will launch it today with the official open (so maybe we’ll be able to link into it), but suffice to say they’re not phoning in. Laurel Elm is the site’s chief hosptitalitarian. She was a member of Saint Dinette, La Belle Vie and La Belle Vie. However, the fact that the company has brought in members from Chicago’s Hogsalt Group(The ones who run). Au Cheval,This is a big deal. This isn’t the cafe at IKEA.

The kitchen is not accessible to the public. Attention must be paid the the break room and the staff locker rooms. The break room is the marble table with plush chairs. This one has all natural lighting. The flat-screen television is not displayed. Did I mention there are plenty of parking spaces in a shopping center lot? If you feel the need to apply, it’s worth it. 

During the busy opening party, I got a hot second to chat with RH CEO Gary Friedman. We talked a lot over how RH has integrated hospitality in order to better manage the guest experience. He also stated that hospitality is as important as offering a Cobb salad to someone looking to sleep on the couch. Next, he shared with us his 4am meal at Nicollet diner (he loved his waffles) as well as how he was guided and guided by his Uber driver. I made sure he understood the value and beauty of a broasted Chicken and Pizza delivered from. American Pie in RichfieldAt 4am. This is your job, people. 

Who will visit this restaurant and why? The LWL (ladies who eat lunch) and the style-set who plan peoples’ living rooms will be the ones who will visit this restaurant. There are also shoppers who don’t mind being beaten up by Cheesecake Factory menus, and, quite frankly, anyone who lives here in January. Because: sun, water and trees, life, and yes… brunch. The consensus was that the place would stay true to Chicago’s brunch and dinner hours, which are open seven days a semaine. We tried small bites of burgers, lobster rolls, and burrata. These items are likely to be on the actual menu. 

As of today: Now Open 

Sneak Peek: Restoration Hardware is Open in Edina

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