Signs That It’s Time to Retire Your Lawn Mower

You’re about to start a new season. You may need time to decide whether your lawnmower is ready for deicing. We can’t talk about the emotional bond you have with your lawn mower but we can talk about the economics of lawn mower repair. Are you wondering when your outdoor equipment should be replaced? These are signs it’s time to retire your lawnmower.

Engine Issues

Engine problems can be a serious problem. It’s more economical to replace the mower than to repair if it’s an engine problem. A riding mower engine that has been damaged can be as expensive to replace as a new one. The lowest-end models can be purchased starting at $600 A new mower may be less expensive.

Transmission Problems

A damaged transmission can also be very costly to repair. It will cost you approximately $500 to replace a riding mower’s transmission. Depending on how old your mower is, it might be worth buying a new mower over fixing one. A new mower can be purchased for approximately the same price.

Crankshaft Damage

The crankshaft transforms the engine’s circular motion into a rotational motion by converting the piston’s up and down motion. Your crankshaft can be permanently damaged if your mower’s blade hits a tree stump, rock, or other hard object. The mower may not be able to cut as efficiently or at all if the blade spins incorrectly. The cost of replacing the crankshaft is $150.

It’s Not An Easy Fix

You can fix some issues and keep your mower in good condition for many years. Dirty spark plugs or carburetors can stop a mower’s starting. Both are simple and inexpensive to fix. Old fuel is another common problem. This is also an easy fix.

Some issues can be more severe than others. If you aren’t sure what the problem is, bring your mower to us. We can inspect it and determine if it’s worth fixing. Sometimes it is worth spending more on a more modern, stylish mower than on an older one.

You only want an upgrade

You’re probably not ashamed to admit that your mower may be fine sometimes, but you have been longing for a reason to purchase a new one. You don’t have to be ashamed of wanting to upgrade your mower. You can save money by choosing a model that is more efficient and has luxurious upgrades.

If you are looking to buy a new mower, then you can check out the demo yard. You’ll find all the information you need with our large selection of pre-owned and new riding mowers.


Now you are familiar with the signs to watch for when it comes time to buy a lawnmower. But where can you find one? We can help! Gardeningdaily is proud to serve Lubbock and the surrounding communities with irrigation, landscape lighting and lawn maintenance equipment by Exmark. Visit our website or stop by and see us!

Signs That It’s Time to Retire Your Lawn Mower

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