The Scag Advantage Deck is a large commercial mower that has more important properties. It is much larger than other Scag deck models, and there has been some controversy. Some say the Advantage Deck’s large size makes it difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. Some people believe that the Advantage Deck’s size is a benefit because it cuts more grass in a shorter time.

What makes the scag deck so unique for homeowners and lawn professionals? Is it for size?

The Scag Advantage Deck is a deck model that is different from others. It’s 36 inches large and provides high-velocity side discharge with an adjustable custom-cut baffle which allows you to customize the deck based on the yard condition. Its durable and solid performance is assured by its tri- or double-plate deck construction.

This article will discuss the various types of scag card, their comparison, and the reason Scag Advantage decks might be more powerful.

What is Scag Advantage Deck?

The Scag Advantage deck delivers superior results than other decks in its class. You have the option to choose from a variety sizes to fit your mower. The deck is made with heavy-duty materials that can withstand severe conditions. This deck is a great choice for anyone looking for a strong deck that will last many years.

It will make you happy to know that Scag Advantage decks are covered by a warranty. This warranty covers labor in the first, second and third year. The third year is covered by the parts. This warranty is not available for personal use.

The Scag Advantage Deck provides high-performance and fast discharge. It cuts cleanly. Even at higher ground speeds, the deck can produce beautiful cuts. The deck is highly efficient at bagging and side-discharge.

Types of Scag Deck

There are four types of marketable products:

  1. Advantage cutter deck
  2. Velocity Plus rear-discharge deck
  3. Velocity Plus cutter deck
  4. Hero cutter deck

Let’s take about the scag advantage deck…

7 Scag Advantage Deck Features That You Need To Know

High-Velocity Discharge

The Advantage Cutter Deck is the latest design in discharge decks. It provides the cutting power and precision that professionals require. Its high-velocity jet quickly clears debris and allows you to concentrate on your work.

Adjustable Custom-Cut Bffle

The Advantage deck is a great choice for anyone who needs to cut different grasses. You can personalize the deck using the Custom-Cut Front Baffle System. To cut through tough weeds, you can adjust the height of your cutters.

Tri-Plate or Dual-Plate deck

For lawn mowing, it is essential to have a strong cutter blade spindle. Its Tri-Plate (36) or Dual–Plate (32) construction will ensure long life and reliable performance. The removable trim-side shields protect the blades.

Front Baffle Chamber

The front baffle chamber lifts grass before the blade cuts. This prevents stragglers from being left behind. This design reduces wear and prolongs the blade’s life.

Cast Iron Spindle

Cast iron spindles are the industry’s best spindles. Tapered roller bearings guarantee stability and accuracy. 1 1/8″ hardened shaft ensures long life. A wear pad can be purchased to protect the spindle and prevent excessive wear.

Use a pad

The trim-side pad protects your landscaping and deck from scraping and impacts. It can be easily removed, so your deck will last many years.

Self-Adjusting Belt

Self-adjusting Kevlar corded Belts offer the latest technology in drive belts. They keep themselves in perfect adjustment for the belt’s life, resulting in top performance. This is a significant improvement on traditional V belts that often need manual adjustment and must be replaced more often.

The Kevlar corded belts are made with fine cords that extend the belt’s length. These cords automatically adjust to compensate for wear and maintain the belt’s perfect alignment. This gives the belt a longer life span and better performance compared to traditional belts.

Many manufacturers make Kevlar corded belts. They can be used in many different applications. They are an excellent choice in commercial and industrial settings where reliability and long-term durability are important.

What is the difference between Scag Advantage Decks versus other types of decking materials?

Scag Advantage Deck VS Hero Cutter Deck

You’ll be able distinguish between the Advantage and Hero cutter boards. Advantage cutter deck is fast and easy to use, making it ideal to cut through dense brush and other undergrowth. The Hero cutter deck can handle more difficult terrain and is made for heavy-duty cutting.

The Scag Advantage Deck residential unit is a great choice. It delivers high-quality power and accuracy, performance, and reliability. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a great lawn without spending a lot of time or money on it.

The Hero Cutter Deck, on the other hand, is a professional model that’s perfect for anyone who wants the absolute best in terms of power and performance. It is capable of handling any terrain or grass and produces amazing results.

The Scag Advantage Deck offers a larger cutting surface than the Hero Cutter Deck. It also features a large opening for discharge. These openings allow for greater clipping dispersal and increase discharge. The Hero Cutter Deck has several patent-pending features to make it more efficient in cutting and mulching the grass.

Scag Advantage Deck VS. Velocity Deck

Velocity Plus cutter decks are available in 48-inch or 52-inch sizes. These decks are ideal to use with Scag Hydro Drive Walk Behind and Stand-On mowers, as they can also be used with Zero Turn riding mowers. Rear-discharge Velocity Plus decks available for the Cheetah II Zero-turn riding lawnmower are also available in 61 inch.

The Velocity Plus cutter boards have a different shape. The decks have V-shapes that direct grass clippings to its center. This is where they are discharged. The Scag Advantage deck features a straight edge that allows water and clippings to be discharged to either end.

Contrary to popular belief, the 48, 52, and 6 inch scag advantages deck are not available. It’s available in 32 and 36 inches and is mostly used in Scag SW series mowers, SWZ series mowers, and V-Ride II Stand-On Lawn Mower. 

The Scag Advantage cutter decks can be ordered in both Tri-Plate (36.2inches) or Dual-Plate (23.2inches). The Velocity cutterdecks are only available in Tri-Plate construction. Tri-Plate construction has the advantage of distributing the mower’s weight more evenly. This makes it more stable, and easier to use. This deck is less flexible, which reduces vibrations and makes it easier for you to cut. The Velocity decks’ Tri-Plate construction is not as strong or durable as the Advantage decks’ Tri-Plate construction. They are not as effective at cutting tall grasses or weeds.

Velocity Plus cutter board have a larger discharge opening that allows for better clipping dispersion. This difference is most noticeable when mulching, as the clippings are thrown further away from the deck and don’t tend to mat together. Advantage decks have a smaller discharge opening. The deck has a smaller discharge opening. This means that there are less clippings around the deck.

The bottom line is that velocity is lager than the scag deck edge deck, making it a great choice in commercial use. While the Scag advantage is great to use for residential,

Velocity deck

Expert Insider Tips – Why the Scag Advantage Deck is the Best?

Scag deck is a top-quality lawn mower deck that will give you years of reliable service, you can’t go wrong with a Scag Deck. Here are some reasons why Scag Deck is so popular:

1. Scag Advantage decks are strong and durable with heavy-duty construction that can withstand most difficult mowing applications.

2. It’s designed for maximum efficiency, with features like an integrated discharge chute that eliminates the need for a grass catcher.

3. It’s easy to maintain, and the layout makes it easy to clean and service.

4. The decks come with one of the best warranties in the business so you can feel confident about your investment.

When it comes to lawn mower decks, there’s simply no better choice than a Scag advantage deck. For more information, contact your local Scag dealer. Learn more.

7 Most Common Problems with Scag Advantage Deck

The scag-edge deck is a popular tool for lawn care. It can be used in many ways. The deck can become problematic if it’s not used correctly. Here are some common problems with the scag advantage deck:

  1. Injuries can result from using the scag advantages deck without proper training.
  2. The deck can inflict injury on grass and other plants if it isn’t used correctly.
  3. Sometimes the deck is too heavy for effective use.
  4. This deck is compatible for Scag SW and SWZ series mowers, as also V-Ride II Stand-On Mowers. 
  5. It didn’t cut the grass clumps perfectly.
  6. It can also fail to perform in tall or wet grass conditions.
  7. Sometimes it can cut grass perfectly up to 3 to 4 passes; after that, it can’t perform well.


Is Scag able to build a floating deck?

The suspension connects the floating deck to the main frame of the mower. Floating decks can be used commercially to mow the most difficult mowing surfaces. The scag has a 36″, 48″ 52″, and 61″ larger floating deck, that build with heavy-duty metal and cut the grass like a pro under any conditions.

How thick is Scag Mower Deck Deck Deck

Scag is a strong mower deck made with heavy-duty steel. To ensure the deck’s durability, it builds with super rigid tri-plated steel and a thickness of nearly 1/2″ thick (0.485″).

Scag Advantage Deck – Is it worth buying?

If you’re looking for a high-quality lawn mower, the scag deck is a great option. This deck can cut grass in all kinds of weather and can be used on many terrains. It is a great choice for anyone who wants a reliable machine, even though there are some issues.

It is superior to the Hero cutter board, but it may not be as efficient as the Scag Velocity Plus models. The Scag Advantage cutterdeck makes for a great mowing experience.

Scag Advantage Deck: Worth To Buy?

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