Ryobi 36V Leaf Blower Review: Clearing your lawn litter has never been easier.

It is easy to make enemies with neighbours who are sensitive. It is easy to make enemies by blowing your leaves loudly. The Ryobi 36V Cordless Leaf Bower was designed to be whisper quiet.

Leaf blowers can be noisy by their very nature. Combining motor and fan to draw in air outside of the machine to make it into a jet to direct leaf and other materials to manageable heaps is always going to be loud. 

However, the Ryobi 36V Cordless Leaf Blower is the latest in the manufacturer’s Whisper series of blowers, which goes about its business in more hushed tones, using the manufacturer’s Whisper Fan Technology, to turn down the decibels.

On the subject of decibels, the Ryobi operates at 78.6 decibels of sound pressure, that’s a measure of the level of noise that we hear.

In comparison, a petrol-powered leaf blower will average around 90 decibels, so that’s a significant difference if stealth is important to you when you’re going about your Autumnal clean up. 

Here’s a blow-by-blow account of how we found working with the Ryobi’s new garden tool and whether working in Whisper mode impacted the performance of the machine so that we could retire the rake for good.

  • Ryobi 36V Cordless Leaf Blower £179.99 from Ryobi – Buy Here

Overall rating: 4.5/5


  • Impressive air speed
  • Quiet in operation
  • Excellent ergonomics 


  • Heavy in the hand
  • This is not a budget option.
  • Ryobi 36V Cordless Leaf Blower £179.99 from Ryobi – Buy Here

Review of Ryobi 36V Whisper Leave Blower: The comfort factor 

Leaf blowers are one of those tools that are used for an extended period of time and rely solely on the user to operate, for this reason they have to feel good in hand and have sound working ergonomics if you’re going to avoid aching arms by the time you come to put the tool back in the shed.

Once the battery is slotted in behind the handle and over the air intake, the Ryobi is well-balanced and automatically creates a good working angle with the ground, making it easy to   work with the classic side-to-side sweeping motion to clear up leaves, without it feeling too much like a workout.

The variable speed trigger is just sensitive enough and is easy to operate with just an index finger while still maintaining a very good grasp on the moulded handle, while the cruise control is within a thumb’s reach if you’re happy with and want to stick at the operating air speed and don’t want to keep holding the trigger down. 

The turbo boost button is just a thumbstroke away. This button instantly increases the blower’s speed and air volume. It also allows you to remove stubborn piles such as fallen fruit or wet leaf.


Review: Ryobi 36V Whisper Leaf Blower – Noise levels 

Undeniably, leaf blowers are one of the noisiest motorised garden tools and as the unit’s name suggests, one of the biggest selling points of the Ryobi is its quiet operation.

As previously mentioned, it’s 78.6 decibels of sound pressure is certainly quieter than most petrol blowers. It beats many battery-operated models. The Husqvarna 525iB is almost as loud as the EGO Power+LLB7650E operates at an 83 decibel level.

You could have a conversation while the tool was in operation, but it’s not necessary. And unless you have particularly sensitive hearing or like to do your garden clear ups in the middle of the night, quiet operation isn’t usually the most important metric when it comes to purchasing a leaf blower.

Sure, it’s nice to know that you won’t be offending the neighbours or waking up napping new borns, but we’re not sure this is such a huge selling point.


  • Ryobi 36V Cordless Leaf Blower £179.99 from Ryobi – Buy Here

Ryobi 36V Whisper leaf blower review: Performance  

What we really wanted to know was whether the quiet operation had any impact on how good the tool is at its core task and we can happily report that it doesn’t.

The massive air intake combined with the 36V brushless engine pushes more air down the tube. This results is an average air volume of 20.67m3/minute at 306 km/h.

It’s airspeed that lifts the leaves and air volume that ultimately blows them away and the Ryobi’s numbers are hugely impressive and in our recent round up of leaf blowers, the Ryobi was only second to a back-pack blower in being the most powerful blower on test. 

The machine’s overall design and tapered blowing tip ensure that this power is harnessed.

There’s plenty of precision available from the machine too, which makes clearing hard landscaping areas like driveways a doddle and the variable air speed allows the operator to skim the top layer of leaves from gravel and wood chip paths, without scattering the path material everywhere too.

Review of the Ryobi 36V Whisper Leave Blower: The battery platform

The Max Power battery platform ranges from the entry level 36V 2.0AH (£121.99) Lithium+ Battery through 4.0AH (£139.99), 5.0AH (£149.99) and 6.0AH (£169.99) versions with the 36V Max power 6A Fast Charger costing £73.99.

So, you need to add, at least, £195.98 to the cost of the bare tool before you can start to blow. The batteries can be used interchangeably to power Max Power products such as Chainsaws and Lawnmowers. You can increase your garden’s arsenal without spending even more.

We got just over an hour of working time from the 5Ah Ryobi battery that our tool was fitted with, working at varied speeds and we liked the four-stage fuel gauge which shows the battery’s remaining juice going from 100% to 75% to 50% to 25%, so you can prioritise work tasks with time. 

In less than 30 minutes, we were back to full charge.

Ryobi 36V Whisper Leave Blower Review: The verdict

One of the clear advantages of this Ryobi tool is the fact that you won’t need to don ear defenders every time you use it and the neighbours will certainly thank you for using it, but it’s not the selling point that most impressed us.

What we were blown away with was the machine’s targeted power, delivered by the double act of an efficient motor and generous air intake.

Ergonomically sound, the blower is on the heavy side, however it packs such a punch that it will probably halve the time it takes to get through your Autumnal workload in the garden, whether that’s staying on top of the latest windfall of leaves or moving other garden debris effortlessly towards the compost or rubbish heap.

All this is supported by a Lithium battery platform, which offers plenty of work time so that even larger gardens can be maintained on one charge.

Forget whispering, there’s a lot to shout about when it comes to the Ryobi Leaf Blower.

Where can I find the Ryobi 36V Leafblower for sale?

Only a few retailers carry this Ryobi model. Our top photos are:

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Ryobi 36V Leaf Blower Review: Clearing your lawn litter has never been easier.

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