Roundup: Leaf Blowers, Halloween Stuff, Pumpkin Toss …

For several years, a proposed gas-powered leaf blower ordinance has been blowin’ in the Westport wind.

On Tuesday (November 1, 7:30 p.m., Town Hall), a proposal — already approved by the Ordinance Committee — heads to the full Representative Town Meeting. for the first reading.

The amendment text is not yet available online. It is available at the Town Clerk’s office during business hours.


Four Halloween films — and a bonus Christmas movie — top the bill at the Remarkable Theater this weekend.

The Imperial Avenue drive in will screen:

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” (tonight: Saturday, October 29; doors open at 6, movie at 7; Donate whatever you like, it’s free

Double feature: “Charlie Brown” and “Curious George” (Sunday, October 30; doors open at 5, movie at 6)

“Texas Chain Saw Massacre” (Sunday, October 30; doors open at 8, movie at 8:30)

“Halloween” (Halloween, Monday October 31; doors open at 6, movie at 7)

Click hereFind out more about tickets and other information.


On Thursday (November 3, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.), the same site — the Imperial Avenue parking lot — turns into the Great Pumpkin Toss.

The free community composting event returns for its 4th year, at the Westport Farmers’ Market. Action Waste Solutions will collect pumpkins — aka “Halloween food waste” — while also having some fun.

Just “toss” your pumpkin (or gourds) in the bin, and go.

All pumpkins and gourds are welcome in their natural state. While rotten pumpkins are fine, they cannot be composted.

Pumpkins are good for creating compost and also provide food for livestock. Stephanie Maynard, Ox Hollow Farm, will fill her truck full of good pumpkins to feed her cows.

Last year’s Great Pumpkin Toss diverted one ton of pumpkin waste from landfill. Can we beat that record this year



We’ve got winners!

Over 75 children painted 63 storefronts in town last Saturday as part of the annual Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce Halloween Contest.

The winners received gift certificates to Gofer Ice Cream for an ice cream cake

They are:


  • Scariest: Chloe Robbin (Cycle Dynamics; Long Lots Grade 4)
  • Best Halloween: Scarlett Nathan (Stephen Kempson, Saugatuck grade 4)
  • Most creative: Calvin Carreras, Julian Carreras (ASF long lots grades 1 and 3).


  • Scariest: Hailey Kipperman, Stephen Kempson, The Southport School Grade 8)
  • Best Halloween: Linda Morgan (Cold Fusion, Bedford grade 6), and Julie Ferraro
  • Most Creative: Milo Milgrom, Greens Farms Spirit Shop (grade 7)
Chloe Robbin with her “Scariest” Elementary School award, at Cycle Dynamics.


Kaitlyn loves living on High Point Road. “There’s always something fun going on,” she says.

Sarah Maraun is a neighbor at #26. Sarah has entertained everyone who passes her yard with creative skeleton displays for the past few months.

One day they’re out playing Twister; the next, they’re doctors performing surgery, or having a potato sack race.

Sarah is not a fool, as you can see. These are some hard-core decorations — and some very hard skeletons.

(Photo/Kaitlyn Steffa)


More than 200 movie lovers thronged the Westport Library this week, for the opening night of “Short Cuts.”

Following the screening, a conversation was held with five international short films.

The next installment of the “short film” festival (Thursday. November 17th will feature documentary films with Kevin Wilson Jr., guest Oscar-nominated. Click here fpr tickets. More information.

“Short Cuts,” at the Westport Library.


“06880” does not often post wedding announcements.

This one however has a twist.

Juliet Senia and Josh Jeavons, both Staples High School graduates, are getting married at Town Hall on November 18. The ceremony will be performed in the presence of Jonathan Steinberg, a state representative.

The bride and the groom live in England. In June, a celebration is planned.

This is because Juliet was the first child to be born to a Westport couple during the new millennium.

Linda and Billy welcomed their daughter, 7-pounds, into the world on January 3, 2000 at 9:09 am.

Julia’s parents are not the only ones thinking right now, “Time sure does fly!”


Westport PAL’s first-ever gala on Thursday was a hit.

The Inn at Longshore was packed, as residents dined, drank, danced, and raised funds for the kids-first organization’s projects like renovating the clubhouse at PJ Romano Field. Click hereSee all that PAL has to offer.

Westport PAL gala-goers (from left):Anna Rycenga, Pam Romano, PAL president Craig Bergamo, Kristen Zygmant, Catrina Hegarty, Emma Rojas, Georgia Rojas. (Photo/Andrew Colabella)


Longtime Westporter Nancy Gershon died last month, 10 days before her 87thBirthday, or multiple medical reasons.

Brooklyn native, he was a brilliant student and a great pianist and flutist.

After graduated from James Madison High School and Barnard College, majoring in math, then earned a master’s degree in education from Teacher’s College.

Nancy married Richard Gershon in 1957. She worked as a calculator (a pre-computer-era job)  at the Harvard-Smithsonian Astronomical Observatory. After he graduated from Harvard Business School, they moved to Queens NY where she was a substitute high school math teacher.

In 1963, the couple moved to Westport. Her four children, all born within six years, kept her busy. She also took up cello. She was a member of the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra and in informal Westport chamber groups. Nancy ‘s oldest child went on to a career as a professional musician.

In 1980e, Nancy and Richard split. After she had left her nest, she continued to pursue musical interests, including learning jazz piano skills and learning saxophone. Norwalk Technical College also offered computer science classes. She collected large amounts of music books which her musician son distributed to music students.

Russ, Laurie and Jill of Chelsea, Massachusetts and Andrew, Jill, Laurie and Laurie of Manhattan are her children. She is also survived by 3 grandchildren, Maryanne Lehrer of Oceanside (New York) and Robert Leon of Scottsdale, Arizoba. Lorna Jones cared for her in her home for 6 years.

Nancy Gershon


Today’s spectacular “Westport … Naturally” fall foliage photo is from Baker Avenue, near Compo Road South. Thanks, Matt Murray, for the image — and kudos too to whoever takes care of this beauty!

(Photo/Matt Murray)


And finally … rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis died yesterday in Mississippi. He was 87.

He was a legend. Just imagine what his career would have been like if he hadn’t married his 13-year-old cousin. He was 22 years old at the time — and still married to his second wife. (Click here(For a full obituary.

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Roundup: Leaf Blowers, Halloween Stuff, Pumpkin Toss …

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