Robbinsdale Marine to Close after 50+ Years. Welna Ace Hardware to Expand

5:24 PM |Thursday, March 3, 2019, 22

A longtime fixture of Robbinsdale’s downtown business scene will soon close its doors. After 53 years of service, Robbinsdale Marine will soon close its doors.

Mark Toomey bought Robbinsdale Marine in 1999. His technicians and he have worked on numerous lawnmowers, snowblowers, and boat motors.

“Some of the people have been coming here since the 60s,”Toomey.

Toomey said that there were several factors that contributed to the decision.

“I’m getting tired, body’s wore out, it’s time to quit,”He said.

He also stated that slow business declines were also a factor. He blamed it on changing weather patterns.

“Last summer the drought was bad enough where we had no work,”Toomey. “This winter was the same way, work at the beginning of winter, and then it dies off so you’re sitting there with months where if you’re making $50 bucks a day you’re lucky. And that doesn’t pay your lights, your heat, nothing.”

Robbindale Marine will take orders up until mid-April. Then, the shop will clean up for a few weeks before closing in May.

‘They will be missed’

Welna Ace Hardware bought the Robbinsdale Marine building. The hardware store plans on removing most of its lawn. gardenSpace is open for business.

“We’ve heard it over and over again, we wish you carried live plants but we just didn’t have room for it,”Mark Welna

Welna will have additional parking and more space to display grills and other products.

“Maybe Christmas trees outside and then Christmas lights and expand that and maybe seasonal stuff,”Welna.

Welna added that it’s hard to see another small business close.

“They will be missed, they’ve been a really good neighbor,”He said.

Mark Toomey says closing is mostly an economic decision but it’s still emotional.

“I got a lot of people I got to be really good friends with and that part will be really tough,”He said. “I’ve seen them come and go the ones that have passed that were really good friends and that will be a tough thing, you’ll miss that.”


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Robbinsdale Marine to Close after 50+ Years. Welna Ace Hardware to Expand

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