Restoration Hardware on Knox reinvents herself as a RH gallery-restaurant

The Restoration Hardware store at Knox Street, Dallas, has undergone dramatic transformations. It will reopen in the new year. RH DallasA three-level home shop with luxury furnishings, rooftop dining and a wine bar.

According to a release, the store will be open May 7.

RH Dallas is an exclusive shopping destination that blurs the line between residential and retail. The merchandise is presented in a way that makes it feel like you are in someone’s house.

Since at least 2004, the store’s rebirth has been underway 2017Knox, part a larger reorganization.

Restoration Hardware changed its name from Hardware to RH in 2012 to reflect its evolution beyond its original hardware stores roots.

Dallas joins 10 other cities that have these types of RH shops.

Dallas has three floors with their own departments:

RH Interiors Level 1
The ground floor features collections from internationally-respected designers, as well unique antiques or artifacts. They are displayed in art installations, in rooms-like settings.

Level two: RH Modern, RH Interior Design Firm & Atelier
RH Modern is the largest assortment of modern furnishings, lighting, textiles, and décor under one brand in the world, says the release. It covers a distance of 9,000 feet on level 2.

The RH Interior Design Firm & AtelierIt is a 5,000 square-foot interactive studio offering professional design services. It will be situated in a highly-designed workspace with a 38-foot high wall of floor-to-ceiling glass, private client presentation rooms and state-of the-art technology.

Level 2 features contemporary art from the Second Floor. General Public for RH CollectionPortia De Rossi founded ART – to make art more accessible to more people. Nearly 200 artworks from all over the globe will be rendered using 3-D technology. It creates detailed prints.

There are also an RH Rugs showroom, Window treatments, Bath and bedLinens and bath hardware. RH’s selection of fabrics, leathers, furniture and lighting finishes is available in a design library.

Level three: Rooftop restaurant with wine & barista bars. RH Outdoor
The Rooftop restaurant can be found in a private, skylit garden under a glass wall with chandeliers and olive tree. All of these doors open onto a landscaped green park, which is believed to be inspired by classical European gardens. RH Outdoor furniture is used to furnish outdoor lounges. They are set against sculptural evergreens or trellised London Plan trees.

The restaurant’s menu is timeless and ingredient-driven. There are shareable boards, salads, and mains. Some of the items include:

  • Burrata with roasted tomato.
  • Shaved vegetables made with baby spinach and pecans
  • Roasted chicken with garlic and olive oil potato purée
  • Burger
  • Ribeye steak
  • Truffled grilled cheese

Wine & Barista Bar serves espresso, wine, champagne, as well as other beverages from around world. There are 40 glasses per glass and a limited selection of Napa Valley vintners.

Design notes
The structure features a Venetian plaster exterior in charcoal-grey, French doors made of glass and steel, lush garden courtyards, terraces, lacebark trees, and a 14-foot tall wall of cascading waters (inspired by the fountain at New York’s Paley Park).

It includes large loggias and an entrance courtyard, century Agave plants, and monolithic slabs of bluestone embedded in decomposed Granite.

It has a grand, two-level staircase that spans almost 40 feet. There is also a skylight three levels higher.

It features a Serenella chandelier that hangs 54 feet above ground and antique gilded mirrored cascading down its stairwell.

Finally, it has: Juliet balconies and crystal and iron chandeliers; steel- & cedar shading treelises; and, last but definitely not least, geometric topiaries.

Restoration Hardware on Knox reinvents herself as a RH gallery-restaurant

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