Greenwich’s Quiet Yards are aware of the health and environmental issues caused by gas-powered leaf blowers

Quiet Yards Greenwich was established to find a better balance between landscapers’ needs and homeowners’ concerns about gas-powered leaf blowers and their impact on the environment, health, and quality of life.

The group conducted a survey to inform residents about the dangers of leaf blowers that use gas and determine if they would support limiting their use.

The gas-powered leaf blower survey for Quiet Yards Greenwich can be accessed here

Information from Quiet Yards Greenwich

Gas-powered leaf-blowers emit noise levels exceeding 100 dB that penetrate walls, windows, and property lines. Major health organizations consider them unsafe as they can cause irreversible damage to the hearing. They disrupt residents’ ability to enjoy their own homes.

Gas-powered leaf blowers emit 30x more greenhouse gases than a pickup truck travelling 3900 miles. They also produce smog and ozone, as well as other pollutants.

They also release toxic raw exhaust which can cause lung carcinoma.
They can be inhaled by children and landscape workers for hours.

The natural layer of leaf litter can be removed by gas-powered leaf blowers. This protects and feeds wildlife including hibernating insects.

Tips from Quiet Yards Greenwich

Ask your gardener to mulch-mow your leaves. You can then run a mower over them and leave them in place to fertilize topsoil. Mulch any mulched leaves to create a compost pile. GardenPlant shrubs and rake them into a forest. Ask your landscaper to rent electric leaf blowers if you need to blow.

An electric leaf blower could be your best choice. It is quieter and more efficient than a gas blower.

Quiet Yards Greenwich invites residents to contact elected representatives to request restrictions on gas-powered leaf blowers.

For both health and environmental reasons, many states and municipalities across the country are switching to electric leaf blowers. There are 23 Westchester municipalities and more than 200 other municipalities. California has placed restrictions upon gas leaf blowers.

Quiet Yards Greenwich is also accessible at [email protected]

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Greenwich’s Quiet Yards are aware of the health and environmental issues caused by gas-powered leaf blowers

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