Protect my future and stop gas leaf blowers (Letter of the editor).

A landscaper company challenges new leaf blower regulations
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Gas leaf blowers should not be used throughout the year. Gas leaf blowers put so much carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the air, that even a Ford-F150 does not spew as much as a gas leaf blower in the same amount of time it’s running.

Gas leaf blowers are so dangerous for the environment, they can pose a risk for future Montclair residents.

I am a fifth grader at Hillside Elementary School and have always worried about the future due to pollution. This is a problem that people often overlook.

“This crisis is a big problem and there is so much gas in the air,” says Solay Cohen, age 8. “It’s annoying that some people think us young people can’t do anything, because we can do so much.”

We should not be afraid of the future. Instead, we must take action to preserve it.

Instead of using gas leaf-blowers you can use an electric blower and a rake to let your leaves fall. Many places have begun to ban gas leaf blowers for their noise, air pollution, risk of childhood asthma, lung cancer and because they’re just plain annoying. Why can’t Montclair do the same? It can.

This is a message that young people need to hear. We can make a positive difference in Montclair. Here are some ways you could help:

  • Stop using gas-powered leaf blowers.
  • Talk to your council members Find out where your ward is located).
  • Spread the word.
  • If you are currently using a gasoline leaf blower lawn care company, talk to your parents. Ask your parents if they are able to use electric leaf blowers.
  • Rake or let your leaves decompose
  • No matter what Ward or part of Montclair you are in, climate change will strike if we don’t act now.

    Montclair can significantly reduce the amount of air pollution. So next time you have leaves on the ground, don’t use gas leaf blowers.

    Zoe Cohen

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    Protect my future and stop gas leaf blowers (Letter of the editor).

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