New WORX Nitro40 Volt Leafjet Blower and Mulcher Team up with Collapsible Bin

WORX Nitro 40V Leafjet Blower’s inline design, based on turbine fan technology, generates 620 cfm air volume and 165 mph air speed.

Homeowners looking to quickly make a clean sweep of fall leaves and yard debris should check into the new lightweight and power-packed WORX® Nitro 40V Leafjet Blower. The cordless leaf blower can be used in high speed or high volumes of air depending on the conditions. After the leaves have been collected, the WORX13-amp Electric Leaf Mulcher (or WORX26 Gallon Collapsible Leaf Box) will make it easy to dispose them.

The WORX Nitro 40V Leafjet Blower’s innovative, inline design is based on turbine fan technology that generates 620 cfm air volume and 165 mph air speed. Dual intakes draw air in for greater volume output and blowing power.

The 40V Leafjet blower has a variable air control nozzle that allows you to adjust the speed and amount of airflow to blow leaves in tight areas or large areas. You can move more leaves in the high-capacity airflow mode by moving your nozzle forward. Slide the nozzle backwards to activate high-speed mode. This speeds up airflow and concentrates it. You can choose turbo mode by holding the trigger down.

The blower’s inline brushless motor is controlled electronically, rather than with carbon brushes. It transfers power more efficiently, runs cooler, and is maintenance-free. The brushless motor is comparable to comparable brushed motors in terms of runtime, power, life and performance.

Dual 20V, 4.0Ah power sharing PRO batteries deliver 40V power and feature-cell cooling technology. This increases tool performance and prolongs tool life. The Power Share Pro batteries can be used in conjunction with all WORX 20V, 40V, and 40V lawn-and-garden, DIY, lifestyle and other products. This provides convenience and efficiency.

The 6.6 lb. The 6.6 lb. The 6.6 lb. blower is lightweight, compact, and easy to use (with battery). The ergonomically designed handle has a soft, tactile rubber grip that allows for easy use even when used for extended periods. The blower’s three-speed, plus turbo, controls are conveniently located on top of the handle.

The Nitro 40V Leafjet blower features two 20V 4.0Ah powerShare PRO batteries with charge level indicators. It also includes a 4-amp dual port 2-hour charger. WORX offers a 5-year limited warranty to the Leafjet blower.

WORX Nitro 40V Leafjet Blazer, with inline brushless motor (WG585, $259.99) is now on also has a bare tool version (WG585.9 for $139.99), but without the charger or batteries.

The WORX 13amp Electric Leaf Mulcher makes yard debris and leaves easy to remove. Mulcher measures 13 inches. Mulcher measures 13 inches in. The kettle is mounted on a stand. It can shred leaves up to 53 gallons per hour into fine mulch.

The compact, 20-lb. The machine uses a Flexline system to mulch leaves at an 11-1 ratio. This means that 11 bags can be reduced to fit in one bag. The bottom of the mulcher attaches to the bag containing the shredded leaf. The leaf mulcher has a cooling motor and folds down for compact storage. It comes with a WORX limited three-year warranty.

The WORX 13amp Electric Leaf Mulcher WG430 costs $189.99 and comes with 24 cutting lines (0.09in.). The bag support ring, 24 cutting lines (0.09in.) and 24 cutting lines (0.09in. are included in the WORX 13amp Electric Leaf Mulcher (WG430), $189.99 It’s available at You can also buy online from Amazon,,, and Amazon

The WORX 26-gallon Collapsible Leaf Box by WORX is a useful addition to your yard. This can be used with the WORX 13 amp Electric Leaf Mulcher and/or WORX Leaf Blower. The bin’s wide mouth is 18.5 inches. It measures 18.5 in. in diameter and 22 in. high. It measures 22 inches. It is 22 in. The lightweight, durable PVC-coated fabric is used to make the collapsible container. It collapses down to 3 inches. For reusable storage. The leaf bin, unlike the refuse bags or disposable lawn, is always in its original form and has two handles that make it easy to carry.

The WORX 26 gallon Collapsible Leaf bin (WA0030), costs $44.99. Available at as also online retailers such as and

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New WORX Nitro40 Volt Leafjet Blower and Mulcher Team up with Collapsible Bin

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