New WORX Kit Bundles Gutterpro Attachment and 20V Leafjet Blower

Gutterpro can reach as high as 11 feet to blow out leaves and other debris from gutters. No ladder required.

Just in time to prepare for fall leaf disposal, WORX® has bundled its 20V Leafjet Blower and Gutterpro Attachment. Leafjet allows homeowners the ability to quickly switch between high speed blowers and low volume blowers. This blower is different. Gutterpro attachments remove leaves and other debris from gutters while the user is standing on firm ground.

WORX 20V Leafjetblower is a combination of speed and air volume. It also has an integrated brushless motor. Brushless motors require no maintenance and are much cooler. They are more resistant to heat buildup, friction, and wear than traditional motors with brush. This ensures smooth, reliable operation and a 10x increase in motor life.

By simply sliding the Leafjet Blower’s variable air control nozzle forward or backwards, the user can select which mode works best for a particular application. High-speed mode (rear), is ideal for removing leaves from shrubs and grass. High volume mode (forward), is best for clearing large open areas or hard surfaces. Dual air-intakes permit the blower’s forward position to produce more air volume.

You can also choose between two speeds to allow you more control in tight spaces and large areas. At low speed, it operates at 95 mph with 190 cubic-feet-per-minute (cfm). At high speed, it’s velocity increases to 130 mph with 410 cfm. The speed control dial is integrated into the blower’s, D-shaped handle for easy access.

The WORX20V PowerShare battery is used to power the dual-function 2-speed blower. This battery can be used with WORX 20V-40V and 80V lawn, gardening, DIY, and lifestyle products. This will ensure convenience and cost efficiency. An indicator of battery charge gives you a quick reference to the remaining life.

The 20V Leafjet Blower weighs only 3.8 lbs. The 20V Leafjet Blower’s compact design is complemented by a powerful, lightweight and balanced motor. The rubber grip handle ensures maximum comfort and control during extended use.

The Gutterpro attachment adds another dimension to Leafjet’s versatility by providing an easier, safer way to clear dry leaves, twigs, pine needles, acorns and other debris from first-floor gutters while standing on the ground. No ladder required.

Gutterpro includes an adapter that connects to the main tub. You can remove the variable speed control valve and attach the adapter.

As the lightweight, plastic tubes create a solid connection with Leafjet’s main tube, it is easy to lift and maneuver, even for extended periods. It can extend up to 11 feet above the gutter, allowing the hooked extension to direct a strong stream of air to blow out leaves.

The Leafjet Blower comes with a 20V, 4.0Ah Battery, 2A Charger and Wide Nozzle Attachment. It is covered by the WORX limited Warranty of 3 Years.

The WORX 20V Leafjetblower With Gutterpro Attachment (WG543.1), can be purchased at

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New WORX Kit Bundles Gutterpro Attachment and 20V Leafjet Blower

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