NCFL ACE Hardware employees recommend hurricane-prep items for summer heat

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BRONSON (Fla.) (WCJB – Summer months bring extremely hot temperatures so items that reduce heat and still enjoy nature are very popular.

Zachary Frazier works for ACE Hardware in Bronson. He stated that fans and coolers are a popular purchase during the summer months.

There has been an increase of fishing supplies, especially bait, due to summer fishing.

“I think just the heat. It is hot in summer and people love to fish. Enjoy the water, get in, fish, and swim around. There is a bunch of local ponds around here and people love to fish” said Frazier.

Frazier stated they also sell fishing supplies and horsehay in the summer, as there are many horse farm in the area.

Extreme weather can be found during the summer months, whether it’s tropical storms and hurricanes.

ACE Hardware is always available to assist in emergency situations.

Power outages can be caused by strong hurricanes. Frazier recommended that you put your focus on rechargeable products.

This includes flashlights, batteries, and cell phone charging devices.

“Just all the above. It’s important to be prepared for anything that might happen. Batteries is a very important topic. How can you see if there is no power? Without power, how can you do anything? Charge a cell-phone? You got to be able to use something” said Frazier.

Frazier suggests that you have enough water and gasoline to withstand a hurricane or tropical storm.

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NCFL ACE Hardware employees recommend hurricane-prep items for summer heat

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