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The Murray 44cm Cordless Lawn MowerIt is powered by two 18 volt 5.0Ah and a 36-volt brushless motors. The mower comes with a dual battery charger. The 44cm cutting width together with the powerful Briggs and Stratton batteries make this mower ideal for larger lawns up to 640m². This mower has a large 50-litre collection box, seven height levels (25mm to 75mm) via a single lever. It can run for up to 36 mins. This mower can cut & collect, rear discharge, and mulch the cuttings using an optional mulching plug.

It was great to test this Murray cordless mower on my rear 500m² lawn and put it through its paces. I was high on this mower’s potential, based on the positive reviews it has received. But did it live up? Let’s find out.

In this article and my video review below, I show you the unboxing and how to assemble the mower, along with a full rundown of this mower’s specifications and how well it performs in the real world.

When I bought this Murray 44cm Cordless Lawn MowerI was looking to invest in the brand so I bought the cordless grass trimmer (hedge trimming will follow) and the mower. This allows me to share the batteries across the range.

OK, let’s get on with the review and see if this Murray is still worthy of my top cordless mower recommendation.

This Murray 44cm The cordless mower is ideal for homeowners with medium-sized to large lawnsYou don’t want to mess with petrol or power-cords. It is powered by rechargeable batteries and is compact. Every design element is designed to make your life easier.

Main Features

Lawn Size: Medium (2.5 tennis courts) 640m²
Power: 1500-Watt, 36 minutes mow time
Batteries2 x 18-volt 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion batteries
Blade Length44cm Metal
Number of Cutting Height: 7 (25mm – 75mm)
Capacity of Grass Box: 50 L
Weight: 14 Kg
Model Number: IQ18WM44

Power System

The 1500 watt, 36 volt brushless motor is used in this model. It ensures powerful and efficient operation. The two Briggs and Stratton 18 volt 5.0Ah batteries are used in parallel in the mower to provide a very respectable 36 minutes of run-time, with the power to cut longer and more demanding lawns and lawn up to 640m².

This was what I found when I tested it mower on my rather long and damp 500m² back lawnThe Murray just missed cutting the entire lawn on a single charge. The Murray managed to trim the entire lawn, even though the grass was dry. The following is my experience with the mower’s running times.

  • Trimming 1/3 of a dry lawn – 550m² to 600m²
  • Cutting a longer damp lawn – 480m² to 500m²


The performance and power of Murray 44cm cordless Lawn MowerCompares very well to Gtech and Bosch mowers. The Murray was able to handle my longer lawn and increased the power accordingly. If you have very long lawn just don’t try to cut off too much in a single pass as this is not only stressful for your lawn, but also puts your cordless mower under unnecessary strain. Use the good range to cut higher than usual and do a second pass with a lower setting.

Murray offers this mower in a smaller model (IQ18WM37). What’s the difference?

Well the first thing is the smaller 2.5Ah batteries that will charge in 55 minutes but give a shorter run time, so is therefore designed to cover lawns up to 450m².

Another difference is the smaller deck at only 37cm, as opposed to the 44cm on the mower, and a slightly smaller grass collection box at 40l (compared with 50l).

Below is a comparison table that will help you to clearly see the differences between these Murray mowers.


Murray 2x18V (36V) Lithium-Ionen 37 cm Akku-Rasenm?her IQ18WM37, inklusive 2X 2,5Ah Batterie und Zweifach-Ladeger?t

Murray 2x18V (36V) Lithium-Ionen 37 cm Akku-Rasenm?her IQ18WM37, inklusive 2X 2,5Ah Batterie und Zweifach-Ladeger?t

Murray 2 x 18 V (36 V) Lithium-Ion 44 cm Cordless Lawn Mower IQ18WM44, Including 2 x 5 Ah Battery and Dual Charger

Murray 2×18 V (36V), Lithium-Ion 44cm Cordless Lawn MowerIQ18WM44, with 2×5 Ah Battery and Dual Charger


As of June 19, 2022, 10:18 am

As of June 19, 2022, 10:18 am


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Battery Charger

This mower has a dual charger that charges both 18-volt lithium ion batteries simultaneously. The charger can charge two flat batteries in just 110 minutes. It also comes with a 1.8-metre power cable.

Both the batteries and charger have a USB A socket (0.5 amps). The charger’s USB socket can charge the battery or another device. Similar to the charger, other portable electronics can be charged or powered by the battery.

These batteries can be used with Murray 18 volt cordless tools. They also compete well with WORX and Bosch gardening tools.

Murray 44cm Cordless Lawn Mower Video Review

Features In Detail



The Murray blades are precision-cut steel. They make efficient and sharp cuts, just like you would expect from a Murray. The Murray 44cm cordless has 44cm blades lawn mowerThe blades have a long lifespan and can be used for many years if they are well maintained. However, if you do have to replace the blade, they are easily available and fairly priced.

These blades can be easily customized and are very affordable. These blades can be sharpened using a few tools and basic DIY skills.

You will be able to see in my video review how precise, and effortlessly I describe it. My lawn needs to have a mower.

I was unable find a mulching plug to fit the Murray cordless mower so I could not test the blade’s effectiveness for mulching. The rear discharge was good. The cuttings went out of the rear without any problems.

Adjustment for Height

Murray has added a nice touch by making the front wheels 16.5cm and the rear wheels 25cm. This helps with maneuverability and stability, especially when the mower is full loaded.

There are seven different cutting heights available, ranging from 25mm up through 75mm. The 75mm may seem a bit high, but this is to allow for the best cutting. Overgrown lawns will require a mower to be started higherslowly work your way down. Being and electric battery mowerMurray has added a nice touch by allowing the motor to stop temporarily if it is faced with too much of a challenge to protect it.

This is a great selection of cutting heights that can be used to meet your mowing needs, depending on the season.

The height adjustment is centrally located on the mower making it easy for you to use. For more information, please see my video review.



I have never seen better handles. The foam padding is thick enough that it is comfortable to use and absorbs vibrations. The handles can be folded down for storage, and it was easy to do. You can adjust the angle of your handles to create a comfortable mowing position for both shorter and longer operators. During my test, I had them set to mid point and felt just right for my 5’10” (175cm) height.

These handles also have a battery indicator gauge, which is a unique feature that you won’t find on other mowers. The button displays how much juice is left in your batteries. All you need to do is press the button. A gauge is located on each battery. However, a gauge at operator level is a nice feature.

Cutting Diameter

Murray’s lithium-ion mowers have two types of batteries to choose from. They also offer a variety of blade lengths. This mower has a 44cm blade made of metal. However, the Murray 2 x18 V (36 V), Lithium-Ion 37cm IQ18WM37 can be used to make a smaller deck.

Which one is the best? It really depends on the size of your lawn. The smaller 37cm deck size may be more suitable for those with narrow lawns or obstacles.

Roller (Stripes)

This Murray mower range does not have a rear roll. A mower will not create a striped lawn. You might want to Consider the LawnMaster 41cm Cordless Lawn MowerIf you need a rear roller,

Capacity of the Grass Collection Bag/Box

Murray 44cm Cordless grass bag Lawn MowerThe bag is collapsible with a solid top, mesh sides and greater airflow. This design allows for compact storage. The grass bag has a 50 litre capacity. This is my preferred grass collection bag configuration as it not only reduces storage and increases air circulation for better collection, but the hard top prevents dust and debris being thrown up into the operator’s face.

As an external visual aid there is a fill indicator on the grass collector. The box itself is well made and easy to remove once it is full.

This mower is able to collect grass cuttings efficiently and compact them into a 50 litre bag, as I have demonstrated in my video review.

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Each battery has a 3-digit LED display at the front to indicate the remaining charge. This allows you to read the remaining charge of each battery without needing to remove them from the mower. It would have been great to have at minimum 5 lights. It is difficult to see how much battery is left if only one light is visible. A battery indicator light is located on the handles. It can be pressed to display the remaining battery charge. Again, it uses the 3-digit LED LCD display.

The power pack that comes with Murray 44cm cordless lawn mowerTwo docks make it easier to charge the batteries quickly. The mower’s cover protects the batteries from flying grass clippings.

The main handle folds in two halves and can be stored easily. To make the controls easier for operators, the handle can be adjusted with three different heights. The spinning blade vibrations are absorbed by the soft foam grip on handrail.

To make the motor more efficient and to increase its effectiveness, batteries lastSoft-Start can be used to slow down the blade’s acceleration when it is being started. Soft-Start slows down the blade’s acceleration when it starts and takes around 3 seconds to reach full speed.

All Murray 44cm cordless wheels lawn mowerThey are strong, so it is easy to fix a flat tire. The grass combs are located behind the front wheels and pull grass under and inwards the blade. This ensures that grass is cut to the correct width.

Safety Features

Murray 44cm Safety

One handle is all that is needed to adjust the blade height. This eliminates the need to reach the front of the machine when it is running. Everything, except for the removal of the battery, can be adjusted from the back. Lawn Mower.

These are lithium-ion battery and can overheat when the operator attempts to mow large grass. A 30-amp Load Protection will prevent this from happening. It will shut down the power until it cools down. During this cooling period, the operator should increase cutting height and then try again.

The deck is made from plastic. This is a good option. You can get a cordless electric lawnmower hereIt helps absorb the noises coming from the motor and the blade, as well as reduce the overall weight.

First, insert the key under the main cover, behind the batteries, to activate the mower. When performing any maintenance on the unit, the operator should take out the safety key and the batteries. For more information on safe use of the mower, refer to the manual.

Before the throttle handle can move, you must release the safety button.


These cordless series mowers by Murray are a 2-in-1, meaning that they have a rear discharge and collecting function. You can purchase a mulching plug for either the 37cm or the 44cm Murray models.

This will not only allow you to add 3-in-1 cutting features to your mower, but also provides the essential benefits of mulching. Learn more about the benefits and advantages of mulching. mulching read my article – The Benefits of Mulching Lawn Mowers – Complete Guide.

As I mentioned, the mulching plug was out of stock so I was unable to test it in my video review. I did however test the rear-discharge cutting option, which worked as expected.

Below is a link that will take you to the mulching plug on this Murray Cordless Mower.

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What’s Included In The Box?

  • Murray 36-volt 44cm cordless mower
  • Two 18-volt 5.0Ah batteries
  • Dual charger
  • Grass collection bag
  • Quick release clips
  • User Manual


Pros & Cons


  • It is simple to use and requires no complicated mechanics or oil changes.
  • Good run time at 36 minutes.
  • The handle battery gauge can be accessed by the user.
  • Large 50 litre grass collection box.
  • Larger rear wheels allow for greater maneuverability and stability.
  • Mulching plug can be purchased as an optional extra
  • Briggs & Stratton build quality.
  • It comes with a dual-battery charger that charges both batteries simultaneously.
  • Excellent Warranty – 5 years limited product – 3 years limited on the battery and charger.
  • Batteries are interchangeable with Murray gardening tools.
  • Economical. There are no fuel to buy and no engine parts to maintain.
  • Safe for storage. The mower will not start without batteries and key for safety reasons.
  • In storage, lithium-ion batteries can be kept charged for many more months.



  • Mulching plug optional, not supplied
  • No rear roller
  • Only 3 battery indicator lights (33% each)


Murray 44cm Cordless Lawn Mower Operator Manual

Click here for the Murray 44c Cordless Lawn Mower User Guide

Should You Buy This Model?


This Murray 44cm Cordless Lawn mowers are comparable to other brandsWORX and Bosch in terms build quality, performance, and practicalities. It was hard to find any negatives to this mower. The mulching plug is not included as a standard feature and must be purchased separately. Also, the 3 battery indicator lights can make gauging when the batteries have run out of charge a bit difficult.

The Murray isn’t the cheapest, but it is certainly not the most expensive. It is the smallest mower on the market, but it is a high-quality mid-range mower with features and performance that will make your lawn look great.This makes it much more enjoyable.

As lawn mowersThis is one the most eco-friendly machines you will find. For sure, it does not emit fumes like a petrol mower and is significantly quieter, I measured its sound level at operator’s level at 101 dB.

This mower does not use cables, so there is no need to worry about cutting through them as you work around the lawn. The batteries can be used with other Murray cordless tools.

This mower has a 5 year warranty. The battery and charger are also covered by a 3 year warranty. This warranty is unmatched by any other brand, and shows how confident Murray cordless mowers are in their durability.

If you want to see the Murray 44cm cordless lawn mower in action, check out my video review. You will see the following:

  • Unboxing
  • Assembly
  • Specification
  • Deck & Blade
  • Cutting Performance – Cut & Collect
  • Cutting Performance – Rear Discharge
  • Conclusion


This Mower Is Perfect For

  • People with gardens up to 640m² in size.
  • Those who do NOT require a striped yard.
  • People looking for a high quality, well-built cordless mower with great features.
  • People who prefer a larger grass box that requires less emptying.
  • Rear discharge is for those who prefer it.
  • As handles and grass boxes fold flat, storage is limited.
  • People who are looking for a 5-year limited warranty on their products.
  • People who want to mulch their grass clippings (mulching Plug is an optional extra).


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Murray Cordless Mowers in general

  • It’s easy to Take it with you Winter months
  • Batteries last for the longest time Winter without charge. Even if they don’t, you can still use them as batteries for your portable electronics.
  • They are safe and offer a variety of options. Safety features.
  • Are you Economic To run. Charging batteries from the mains supply is much cheaper than using petrol.
  • Murray makes high-quality mowers and blades. You know that Murray is known for quality and reliability. The parts are also easy to replace.
  • The mower comes with a very limited warranty. 5-year warranty. A separate warranty of 3 years is provided for the batteries and charger. These numbers demonstrate that the manufacturer has great faith in the products they make.



Murray 44cm Review Conclusion

The Murray 44cm cordless is my only complaint lawn mowerIt is slightly louder than other motors I have tested. This may be due to the powerful, 5.0Ah batteries that push the motor and give more torque. To give you a comparison the sound level on this mower according to the manufacturer is 96 (dB), compared to the Bosch Rotak 43 LI at 76 (dB), this isn’t much, but I thought I should mention it anyway.

Machines make noise. It is inevitable. However, efficient batteries like lithium-ion offer the best solution. It’s not just about noise; it’s also about the environmental impact. Petrol will go up in price, while the cost of charging two 18-volt batteries will be minimal.

For a fully grass-laden mower, the large back wheels are a great choice as they will hold most of the weight. These sturdy wheels are thicker and more durable than other mowers.

This Murray is a masterpiece of design. Mowers require less workFor the operator. It’s easy to see the battery life reserve by pushing a button on the handles. It is easy to see the level indicator on your grass collection box, which allows you to know when it is full and when it needs to be empty. Another time-saving feature is the dual charger that is included with many brands.

These small details may not be noticed at first, but they will become obvious over time. This cordless cordless cordless cordless is a great choice if you love new technology and want to build an arsenal cordless Murray tools. lawn mower.

Where can I purchase this Murray 44cm Cordless Lawn Mower

Save £20.00

Murray 2 x 18 V (36 V) Lithium-Ion 44 cm Cordless Lawn Mower IQ18WM44,...

Murray 2 x 18 V (36 V) Lithium-Ion 44 cm Cordless Lawn Mower IQ18WM44,…

  • Powered by Briggs & Stratton 18 V lithium battery system
  • 2x Briggs and Stratton 18V 5.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries and dual chargers included in the box
  • Dual battery brushless motor technology with 1, 5 kW/36V power for superior performance, longer life, and low noise.
  • Soft-grip handles reduce vibration and fold for easy storage
  • Ideal for coverage upto 640
  • Run time upto 36 minutes. High performance blade delivers a high quality cut


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You are unsure of this mower’s capabilities? Click here to see more Cordless Lawn Mower Reviews.

Murray 44cm Cordless Lawn Mower FAQs

What size lawn is the Murray 44cm Cordless Lawn Mower suited for?

Is the Murray 44cm cordless lawnmower self-propelled?

Murray 44cm Cordless Mower Battery and Charger.

Yes – 2 x 18v 5.0Ah batteries and a dual charger.

What is the size of the Murray 44cm Cordless Lawn Mower’s grass collection box?

Can the Murray 44cm Cordless Lawn Mower Mulch?

Yes, but you must purchase a mulching plug separately.

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