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 Hello gardeningOur local weathermen and weatherwomen predict a warmer pattern of weather over the next few days, friends. If you’re like me, taking the time to do maintenance is important. garden tools doesn’t rank high on my “to do list”But it is an essential task. Like many other things. GardeningNow is the time for the chores: lawn maintenance, fertilizer application, house plants slowly transitioning indoors; and flower beds being weeded. vegetable beds are covered with green cover crops. If you’re like me, you planted a few vegetable beds for the Winter harvest. They are producing daikons as well as collard greens and onions. You know that a little winter preparation can really pay off when spring arrives, but don’t forget that your garden toolsThey also need some TLC. These are some tips to make sure they stay in tip-top shape until the return of warm, sunny days.

December is a great month to complete basic tasks. Garden toolMaintenance includes rust removal toolSharpening and toolProper storage. First, let me tell you that prevention is your best defense against future problems. It is possible to clean up garden tools that have been contaminated with dirt. This is a good idea, but it is often not feasible due to busy schedules. To remove soil and other debris, a thorough cleaning with water & detergent is enough. Additional scrubbers are required to remove sap or pine residue. The cleaned items should be dried. After you have finished cleaning, you can lightly spray WD-40 or apply mineral oil to the surface. You can also use a garden tool to do the job. Here are some tips to help make your home cleaner than just cleaning after each use. garden tools in great shape.

  • Use a wire brush for soil that is dry or caked. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely. (Especially dirty areas should have tools soaked in water.
  • To remove rust, make a half-boil vinegar solution in five-gallon plastic bottles. One-gallon white wine vinegar mixed with one gallon (or greater) of water. Add rusted items. Allow the rusted areas submerged for 24 hours. To scrub the area, use a wire brush or a steel wool pad. To remove rust, use a circular motion to scrub the area.
  • Protect your children and pets by wearing safety glasses and protective clothing. 

  • Use liquid soap and warm water to wash thoroughly. Dry completely. To coat metal surfaces, use mineral oil or WD-40.
  • To sharpen dull tools, use a file to secure it. Use a vice or clamp to secure the garden tool before you start to sharpen it. tool. Start at the outer edge and work your way towards the center.
  • You can apply a light coat of linseed oil/paste butter to wooden handles to prevent splitting and cracking.
  • Hand trowels and other small tools should be kept in your storage. ToolsKeep tools in a bucket filled with sand and soaked in mineral oils to further prevent rust.
  • Water hoses can be kept dry by draining them first, then coiling them. You can repair hose leaks with a hose repair kit that you can purchase at your local hardware store. garden store. There’s no need to buy a new hose! Even leaky fittings can be replaced with minimal effort and in no time.
  • Make sure to sharpen your mower’s blades. Avoid storing gasoline on your mower during winter. Add gasoline stabilizer to the tank of your mowers.
  • Note: Safety is the most important aspect of sharpening tools. Wear safety glasses and protective clothing. Keep children and pets out of the area. tool You are currently working on. 

    They are expensive for high-quality gardening tools. They can be very expensive. gardening.

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    Master Gardeners: Garden tool maintenance important part of gardening – Orange Leader

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