Marksville woman killed in house fire that started with an unattended barbeque barbecue grill

AVOYELLES PARISCH (La. (KALB) – According to the State Fire Marshal’s Office, a Marksville woman died in a house fire last week that started from an unattended barbeque grill.

Marksville Fire Department responded at 12:30 pm to a call about a fire at a 400 block Overton Street house. Although firefighters and relatives attempted to rescue the lady with disabilities from the home, she died immediately. The victim is believed the 70-year-old homeowner.

Official identification and cause of death are still pending with the Avoyelles Parish Coroner’s Office.

SFM deputies stated that the fire started when a barbeque grill was lit and used in the truck’s carport. The grill’s fire ignited combustible materials in the truck, which caused the fire to quickly spread into the home.

Note from the State Fire Marshal’s Office:

The SFM recommends grilling outdoors on open areas at least three feet from structures or other combustible items. Grills should be cleaned after each use. If you use charcoal, ensure that the charcoal has cooled completely before disposing. Before you light, check all gas hoses to make sure there are no leaks. Before lighting, make sure that the grill cover is closed. Finally, you should never leave active cooking equipment or an open flame unattended, even if it’s outdoors.

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Marksville woman killed in house fire that started with an unattended barbeque barbecue grill

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