Liriope – How to Grow Lilyturf in Australia

How to Propagate Liriope

There are two methods to propagate Liriope. We prefer to divide plants after they are established. It is easier, cheaper, and faster.

However, there is a difference between propagating rhizomatous Liriope and tuberous Liriope, so we’ll share tips on both below:

Liriope Propagation starts from seed

Although Liriope can be purchased online or in many garden centres it can be difficult for them to propagate because of its hard skin.

It’s not rocket science, but for new gardeners, knowing how long to soak seeds, water temperatures, and other scarification techniques can be tricky.

So, let’s keep it simple; growing Monkey grass from seed requires seeds to be soaked in room temperature water for around 24 hours.

Soaking allows the shells to soften enough to allow roots to form and allows them to grow into their growing medium. Some forums recommend not to scarify them using sandpaper. This is not recommended for woody seeds and nuts. 

After soaking the Liriope Seed, plant them approximately 1cm deep into seed compost or sieved soil. Then water them and place them somewhere warm and humid, away from direct light. They should germinate within a month. 

Tip: When the flowers are done, take off the flower spikes and put them in paper bags. After a few weeks, you’ll hear seeds rattling around, having fallen from the stem.

Propagating Liriope Muscari – Division

Liriope muscari could be described as a perennial with a tuberous structure. It has fleshy roots that can store water. Other common tuberous plants include potatoes, to give you an idea of the sort of root we’re dealing with. 

To divide tuberous Liriopes, you will need to dig up a section during winter or autumn, soil and everything. Then, use your hands to pull it apart. Avoid using spades and forks, as they can cause damage.

Two-thirds of the tubers should be removed and placed back in the ground. To encourage growth next spring, add compost.

For the rest of the tubers you’ve removed, cut back most of the foliage to take the strain away from the roots, and plant them in pots with fresh compost (2-3 tubers per 20cm is fine to overwinter).

After watering them, let them dry in a warm and humid place. Plant them as soon as new growth appears.

How to Propagate Liriope Spicata – From Division

Dividing Liriope Spicata can be done in the same way as dividing L. Muscari. However, it is slightly more difficult. Simply use a spade to divide the rhizomatous roots of L. spicata. 

You can cut off sections of your plants and replant them elsewhere to thin or limit their spread. You can also plant roots in containers and give them to friends in spring.

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Liriope – How to Grow Lilyturf in Australia

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