Leaf blowers banned at these Times in Western New York

Since the first cold snap in Buffalo and Western New York, the colors of the leaves have changed. It is now that autumn has arrived. Even though we are watching football and enjoying pumpkin spice, the work is already underway.

The controversy over leaves in Western New York has been ongoing for years. You have two options: mulch them or mow them. Some people like me prefer a green lawn. A leaf blower is often the best tool. You can’t beat a freshly mowed lawn, whether it is gas powered, electric, or battery.

Before you grab your leaf blower and start making the pile for the kids, here are some things that you need to remember. First, you should know what the noise ordinance law in your area is.

If we are specifically referring to The City of BuffaloYou can’t operate your lawn or garden equipment during this time.

It is illegal to operate any lawn maintenance device (e.g. edgers and trimmers, powered hedge shears), between 8:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. that makes a noise that disturbs or annoys someone of normal sensibilities in a residential realty zone. This provision does not apply to equipment used on fairways of golf courses.

Each municipality has its own noise ordinances. These laws govern when you can use machines or build.

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These Times Ban Leaf Blowers in Western New York

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