Morristown Council rejects leaf blower ban

MORRISTOWN, NJ — The Morristown Council has decided against implementing a ban on gas-powered leaf blowers, which would have explicitly prohibited their use during the summer months.

Some residents were dissatisfied with the council’s decision not to table the measure at a town council meeting. They claimed leaf blowers are too dangerous. “excessive”During the summer, it is not necessary.

The legislation was presented in June but was not voted upon for second reading at either the July 12 or August 16 meetings. The President of the Council Stefan Armington stated that Morristown will not keep its proposed ban on gas-powered leaf blowers.

The legislation was not unanimously passed at the first reading. The final hearing was approved by the council only 4-3. At the initial hearing, Nathan Umbriac voted against the ban.

Armington claims Armington claimed that Armington recently said that one council member who voted for them had changed his vote. This led to a 3-4 vote.

Judy Bayard and Stuart Warmink, both Morristown couples, testified before council that their lives are difficult when there are few leaves.

“Today we had to hear all that noise three times. From the golf course at about a quarter past seven, they came back to the area right near our house for like a half hour to blow an area with very few leaves,” Bayard said.

Silva, a council member, and other community members raised concerns regarding general legislation and the fact Morristown residents and small landscapers simply can’t afford an electric blower in today’s economy.

Warmink questioned the council about the comments and was informed that there would be no requirement for anyone to buy a new electric device.

“Nobody is forcing anyone to buy a leaf blower. There is no need for people to have leaf blowers in every month of the calendar. If you really want to get rid of some debris on your sidewalk, you can use a broom,”Warmink.

Umbriac stated that landscaping companies in Morristown would cease to exist if they couldn’t use gas leaf blowers.

Warmink again questioned the claim, calling it a scare tactic by the council. “Well, last time I looked, there were many landscape companies all over town and I can’t imagine they are all going to leave. You can just look at the other towns like Montclair who have done this. You’re not going to tell me there are no landscaping companies in Montclair,”Warmink.

The proposed ban was similar to bans that were enacted in neighboring municipalities which have banned gas-powered blowers. Princeton recently passed legislation restricting gas leaf blowers’ use until October. After that, restrictions will be lifted for two months of peak fall foliage.

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Morristown Council rejects leaf blower ban

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