Sanibel City Council to hear from landscapers about gas-powered leaf blower ban concerns


There is a dispute about the tools used to remove grass debris. Sanibel will prohibit gas-powered leafblowers starting January 1, 2023.

Sanibel sent a request to people to switch to electric leaf blowers before January 1. The city had previously banned the use gas-powered leaf blowers after 9 p.m.

The group that demanded a ban was a renewable energy work organization. It claimed that gas-powered leaf blowers were dangerous for the environment.

Jesus Hernandez, a 20 year-old landscaper, is frustrated and fights back.

Hernandez says a gas blower is quick, and switching to an electric one will cost landscapers more time and money, which means they won’t be able to complete as many jobs as they did before in a day.

“The blower start at $2,000, and the batteries are $500. They only last about four or five hours, so we’re gonna have to find a way of charging these things up at the job site,” said Hernandez. “We’re gonna have to spend a lot more time on each visit, so we’re gonna have to charge more quarterly because now, for example, if we’re gonna be there for a half hour, we’re gonna have to be there for an hour and a half or so.”

According to landscapers the new rule will cause them to lose money and time, especially during hurricane season. According to them, if the power goes out while they are working, it will be difficult for them to find places where electric leaf blowers may be charged.

Hernandez and other landscapers are expected at the Sanibel City Council meeting on Monday to voice their dissatisfaction over the ban.

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Sanibel City Council to hear from landscapers about gas-powered leaf blower ban concerns

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