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Whitefly’s name is misleading as they are a type bug and not a fly. There are approximately 1500 types of whitefly. This pest causes a honeydew-like reaction to the plant. Sooty mould may result. 

If you’re trying to figure out if you’re dealing with whitefly, here are some descriptions that might help. The adult whitefly is similar to small white flies. They can fly away from you if you handle them or move them.

The nymphs are flat and green and they don’t move. Whitefly eggs are laid on the leaf’s underside and can be either white or brown. They may appear to be in a circle.

Other signs that you’re dealing with whitefly are leaves that are turning yellow or your plant might look a little weak and sad. 

Whitefly eggs can be removed using soapy water and rubbing aloe vera gel on a towel. If you’re dealing with a light infestation you can use a spray of water to get rid of the pest and its eggs.

Another tip is to put an ant trap near your Kangaroo Apple. This will prevent future infestations. Also, neem oil and insecticidal shampoo are more gentle on the environment. Organic means that you might need to apply the treatment more often. 

Red spider mite

The red spider mite is a tough one because you can’t actually see it with the naked eye. They are fond of houseplants and warm temperatures. A small, smudgy web is a sign there is something wrong. A light can be used to illuminate the problem.

Yellow spots may appear on the leaves. The disruption of photosynthesis causes the yellowing effect. The leaves may also dry completely. 

You’ll need to try and get rid of the parts of the plant that are affected if you can. Red spider mites thrive in dry conditions so it is important to change the humidity. You could spray the leaves or stems with water.

Natural plant oil is another option to control mites. Ladybugs find the mite delicious so if you find any, be glad they’re doing their part to help out. They’re supposed to be lucky too!


This pest is very common and suckers can sap plants. They aren’t too harmful to a plant if you’re just dealing with a few. If they sap-suck, your plant will look worse.

Yellow leaves are common and may make the plant look strange. Honeydew is a honeydew-producing pest that is loved and appreciated by ants. It can also cause sooty mold. 

The adult aphids come as a range of colors, ranging from green to yellow to red. They are small and can have waxy textures. The eggs are tiny white spots that are located under the leaves.

Aphids like to hang out in areas where there is new growth so be aware. If you’re dealing with a big infestation, you can use a strong spray of water to shake them loose.

Sprays with soap and water are also effective. It’s even been said that a spray with garlic or chilli in water is a great insect repellent. If you’re able to attract some natural predator insects to your garden, that is helpful.

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Kangaroo Apple – How to Grow and Care Guide| How to Grow and Care Guide

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