These small, pale-green, egg shaped fruits are a popular bushfood. They can be used in many different ways at your home and have many benefits. Once mature, these trees can produce many fruits. They can be eaten fresh, frozen, or preserved for later consumption. 

The nutrients in fruits are great for your skin. They are also used as cosmetic ingredients. 

These fruits are also a major food source for many small mammals, including possums. The plum-like fruits have 50 times more vitamin A than oranges. 

These are just a few of the nutritional benefits that Kakadu plums offer.

  • They are rich in antioxidants.
  • They are high in iron and folic acids. 
  • Their vitamin C level is the highest of any natural source 
  • Each fruit contains only 59 calories making them a great snack option for anyone trying to cut down on their caloric intake. 
  • The fruits can be used as a natural remedy for mild skin conditions and headaches.

How to Use Kakadu Plums

The fruit was used for bushtucker in traditional medicine for centuries. The inside bark was used for skin conditions and other infections.

Consuming large amounts can make these fruits slightly toxic. 

You can either eat the ripe fruit raw, or add it to gourmet bush condiments, such as jams, pickles or sauces, and relishes.

The fruits have a bland taste with distinct sour- or salty notes. Because of their fibrous consistency, the flesh and skin are edible.

Growers may prefer to use the fruit in condiments or as part of stews or stir-fries because of their texture and taste. They are great additions in baked goods.

Harvesting Kakadu Plum Fruits

  • Fruit will begin to form towards the end of the tropical summer between March and May.
  • The fruits will soften when they are ripe.
  • Simply pick the ripe fruit from your tree’s branches and rinse them off before you use them or store them.

How to store green plums

You can freeze fruits you do not want to eat during harvest season. After harvesting, wash the fruits well and freeze them within 24hrs. Optionally, you can remove the seeds from the fruit before storage. 

You can also dehydrate the plums or can them as a preservative. 

Here are some delicious, easy recipes to get your feet started.

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Kakadu Plum – Bush Tucker Growing Guide

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