Illawarra Plum – Podocarpus Elatus Growing Guide

The Illawarra plum can either be grown in a pot or in a backyard. To thrive, produce the best fruit and look its best, the Illawarra plum will need certain conditions.

The tree is extremely resistant to salty wind and is an excellent choice for coastal gardens. These are the best places to plant plum pine.

Ideal Exposure

The rainforest tree requires full sun to partial shade for optimal growth.

Place potted indoor plants near a window to receive as much sunlight as possible. 

Best Soil for Illawarra Plum

Podocarpus alatus prefers moist, nonalkaline soil. It can tolerate all soil types, even sandy soil. This makes it ideal to be used in coastal areas with warm weather.

Whatever soil you use, just make sure it is well-draining as wet feet can lead to unwanted issues later in the plant’s development. 

Preferred Temperatures, Climate and Humidity

The plum tree should thrive in endemic areas. It prefers tropical or subtropical climates, but can also grow in warm areas.

These trees perform better under warmer conditions. The tree can withstand temperatures down to around -7°C but not for long periods. 

General garden humidity and temperatures in these regions should be enough but if you’re concerned about the moisture levels, you can plant more vegetation around the trees to naturally boost humidity or simply mist occasionally as needed in the warmer months.

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Illawarra Plum – Podocarpus Elatus Growing Guide

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