Hyacinthus Plant – Australian Growing Guide

Common Hyacinth pests and diseases

Hyacinthus can be nearly pest-free because of their low toxicity, short season, and low toxicity. They are resistant to most common garden pests.

Rodents and squirrels

Even though they are toxic to rodents, they seem to love hyacinths. The problem doesn’t seem to persist once rodents have eaten a bulb.

Generally, rodents are sensible enough to steer clear, but those who don’t are self-controlling. 


Any hyacinthus that is in moist soil will be eaten by slugs. It is possible for hyacinths in damp soil to be moved to better drainage. This will make them less attractive for slugs, who prefer plump leaves from plants that are waterlogged.

Hyacinthus is a hardy plant. However, too dense or damp planting may cause problems. Properly planting your hyacinths in loose, draining soil is the best way to avoid fungal or bacterial problems. It is also important to regularly divide plants so that they don’t crowd. 

You can find more information in our guide on natural and organic pest control. 

Botrytis blight

Botrytis Blight attacks the leaves and hyacinths in the first place, as with all blights. It develops yellow spots, which then develop brown centers and a target pattern of brown, yellow and/or white as it matures.

These spots can eventually attach to leaves and spread to buds or flowers. They prevent them from opening and create a mould that inhibits flowering.

Any botrytis-blight of the hyacinths-affected flowers and foliage should be immediately burned. This disease can spread to other areas of the garden.

Soft rot

Erwinia carotora, or soft rot, can spread between bulbs. It can cause leaves to become dampened or rotted, which can result in flowers not developing properly.

Hyacinths with soft-rot should be removed as soon possible. Also, remove affected foliage. This will only make the problem worse. Bulbs can smell strongly rotten if they are removed.

This is a rare condition for Hyacinthus plants that are grown in well-drained soil.

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Hyacinthus Plant – Australian Growing Guide

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