Hurricane Preparedness at your Local ACE Hardware

CHIEFLAND (Fla.) – WCJB TV20, WCJB TV20, and participating ACE hardware shops across NCFL have teamed up to prepare you for the 2022 hurricane season.


Today we’re at Chiefland ACE Hardware and Farm Supply, in Chiefland, because this is your local source for all your hurricane supplies needs.

Whether you’re looking for large tools like chain saws, shovels, tarps, plastic sheeting, and generators or smaller items such as tie downs, ropes, buckets, batteries, and flashlights you can find them all at your local ace hardware store.

Check out our hurricane supplies and download your own copy to print out, or keep on your phone so you don’t forget anything you might need.


It’s important to get prepared now, well before any storms threaten NCFL.

To stay safe and informed during hurricane season, be sure to have ACE hardware and WCJB TV20 with you.

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Hurricane Preparedness at your Local ACE Hardware

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