How to Store Lawn Mower Outdoors (Without Shed)

Although a garage or shed is ideal for storing a mower off-season, it may not always be possible. So if you’re wondering if you can store your mower outside and keep it in good condition, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve dealt with this situation before and have come up with a few tips to ensure your mower stays in good shape while being kept outside.

So before getting started, let’s work out where to store your lawn mower and how you can keep it protected from the elements.

Is it safe to store your mower outside? (The Short Answer).

Yes, you can put your lawn mower outside. It will need to be protected from the weather. The lawn mower’s life expectancy will be cut by the weather, including rain, snow and wind. You can reduce the negative effects of the environment by selecting the right location and providing adequate protection.

Storing Your Lawn Mower Outside – How to Do It Right

If you’ve decided to store your lawnmower outside, or are forced to do so due to lack of space inside, you need to first consider where the mower will be best stored. What may seem like a good place today may not be in a few months, so you’ll need to think ahead. Let’s go over what scenarios you should think about when considering where to store a lawn mower outside.

Sheltered Area

To keep your mower safe from the elements, you will need shelter. This shelter will likely be located on the side of your house where the roof’s soffit protects it. Now, this is a good location, as long as the mower isn’t left where the rainwater or snow is going to fall on it. A side porch or lean-to is a great spot if you have them.

While storing your mower under the trees might seem like a good idea, a lot of trees don’t keep their leaves throughout the year, so they lose their ability to shade and protect the mower from the weather. Additionally, many of them drop branches when windy, and animals living in them can leave droppings, which isn’t good for the mower.

High Ground

When storing your lawnmower outside, you should avoid standing water. Rust is a mower’s number one enemy, and the last thing you want to do is leave your lawn mower standing in a puddle for an extended period of time. So, if you have found a spot in the yard that you think is ideal for storing the mower, then it would be a good idea to check it when it’s raining to make sure it hasn’t collected a puddle. I recommend you pick an area in your yard that is well-considered. “high ground”This will keep the mower from getting into any puddles.

Protecting the Lawn Mower

Next, you’ll want to consider how to protect the lawnmower. This refers to any additional steps you can make to protect your lawnmower beyond storing it outside. So, let’s look at what additional steps you should take to keep your mower in good condition while it is stored outside.

Covering the Lawn Mower

Cover your lawnmower when you store it outside. This is especially important if you plan to store your riding lawnmower outdoors. Don’t worry; you don’t need anything fancy that will break the bank. You only need a waterproof cover to keep the water and sun out.

A tarp bought at a local box store will suffice. You can also buy bungees to keep the tarp in place for windy days.

Water collection should be prevented

If you have gone the tarp route, you’ll want to make sure that the tarp can’t collect water. You can let water pool if the tarp isn’t taken care of. If you let it snow or rain for too long, your lawn mower could be laden with more weight. The weight can not only pull the mower’s tarp off but also cause damage to it.

Mower Lubrication

I make sure to protect any metal parts left outside for a long time. This includes making sure all joints are properly greased, and that all metal surfaces have been sprayed with WD-40. Your biggest concerns when storing your mower outdoor are corrosion and moisture.

The Lawn Mower

Once you have worked out where to store the lawn mower outside and how to keep it protected, the last thing you’ll need to do is check on the mower periodically. The mower should be checked at least once a week.

It is a good idea to check it after heavy rains. You might need to drain water or remove snow. Additionally, you’ll find that you can make adjustments to reduce how the weather affects the mower. A sliding mower that is over a foot tall can prevent rain from collecting on the roof and snow from settling on the mower.

How to Store Lawn Mower Outdoors (Without Shed)

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