What Causes Aphids

Aphids are not caused only by one factor. Aphids are a sign of spring and are attracted to warm temperatures and new growth. They will naturally converge on healthy plants.

In many ways, aphids are a sign of your garden’s health as they are predominantly attracted to healthy plants, and will typically leave unhappy or struggling plants alone.

There are several things that can make an aphid problem worse.


Aphids love shelters, as they can be easily washed out by heavy rainfall. Aphids will choose plants that are healthy in areas with some protection.

Make sure your vegetable garden is completely aphid-proof if you have them under cover. They will find their ideal home in gaps: dry, warm, dry, and healthy plants.

Biodiversity/Lack Predators

Aphid infestations can be a sign of a deficiency in biodiversity in your garden. Aphid populations can grow rapidly if there is no natural predators, such as ladybugs or wasps.

Small garden birds will also eat aphids to get protein in spring for food for their chicks.


An ant infestation can make it more difficult to control aphid populations. Ants are intelligent, organized insects that have nest hierarchies and great team-working skills. If that wasn’t impressive enough, did you know that they can also farm?

Ants love the sweet honeydew-smelling secretions produced by aphids. They seem to understand the life cycle and can repopulate empty plants with a single wingless Aphid. 

This is why ants will remove infested aphids from plants that are unhealthy and move them wingless to increase their honeydew supply. In the early summer, you can see ants moving aphids from one plant to another. This fascinating bit of natural science is worth looking out for in your garden.

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How to identify and get rid of Aphids

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