How to Grow Tasmannia Pepperberry Plants in Australia

How to Grow Tasmanian Pepperberry

Mountain peppers thrive in well-drained, moist soil with plenty of organic matter. They don’t like sitting in boggy conditions but hate drying out completely too, so will need a little more attention than most garden plants through the summer months.

Below, we’ve got a step-by-step guide to help you find the best place to plant pepperberry shrubs in your garden.

When to Plant Tasmanian Pepperberry

Peppery berries are best planted in the spring and early summer so that they can establish and have a full growth season. To retain moisture, make sure to water the roots well and mulch the area.

Drainage / Soil

Young pepperberries root fairly quickly and will establish well in their first year, but you’ll need to dig a hole at least twice the size of the root ball so their roots have free ground to grow into. 

Once you’ve dug your hole, loosen the base with a garden fork, and then place the plant so its base is level with the soil surface. Mix any good garden compost in the hole to retain water.

Learn more about mulches and the types they can be used. 

Light Preference

Pepperberry can be grown in partial shade in warmer regions, but will still thrive in full sun. Pepperberry will thrive in dappled shade, or against a wall.

Shelter is essential because the afternoon sun can quickly dry out the soil in Australia, Tasmania, and elsewhere. Their sturdy leaves don’t hold water well, so they need some protection from direct light to regulate their water.


Pepperberry thrives at temperatures between 25-30C, and can withstand freezing temperatures. Pepperberry will not bear fruits if temperatures fall below 16C.

Watering Mountain Peppers

Pepperberry can sound complicated to water, but the reality is that you’re trying to replicate nature in the garden. These shrubs are resilient and can withstand normal conditions, but may require some assistance during summer droughts.

Mountain peppers like moist soil, but it is important to allow the soil to dry slightly between watering. In hot summer, water deeply once a week.

Do not overwater them, and if you’ve got tap timers or irrigation set up you’ll need to make sure your pepperberries are off that system to avoid accidentally waterlogging their roots.

Pollinating Tasmannia Lanceolata

Pepperberries can only grow if both the male and female plants exist. This means that if you have just one pepperberry you won’t get berries.

Garden centres that are highly respected can sell mountain peppers with either male or female labels. Young plants can be difficult for sex, so ensure you have at least two or more plants in your yard.

How to tell if a pepperberry’s male or female?

The functions of the male and female pepperberry flowers are different. The male plants won’t fruit, but their flowers are much larger to attract insects and pollinators.

The male pepperberry flower is larger with more petals and bushier centres. The scent of the female flowers is more subtle with a crisper white bloom and red sepals at the base.

How to Grow Pepperberries in A Container

Pepperberry can also be grown in pots. All you need to do is add compost, grit, and garden soil. Pepperberry is best grown in the ground, but it can also be grown in small pots in smaller gardens.

They can grow up to 8m in nature. They are best kept at 1-2m in height in containers to reduce strain and make harvesting more easy.

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How to Grow Tasmannia Pepperberry Plants in Australia

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