Common Rainbow Eucalyptus Diseases and Pests

The Rainbow Eucalyptus tree is quite a toughie – it handles disease well. The tree’s bark can be removed to get rid of a lot of pests, so it is more than just a pretty face.

Unfortunately root rot is something you might have to deal with so let’s look at two different types below and what you can do about it. 

Root rot

If you want to know if you’re dealing with root rot, make sure the roots of your plant are not soft and brown. A healthy root system should be solid and white.

This is why soil care is so important. If the soil is soggy or waterlogged and doesn’t drain properly, it’s the perfect place for fungal spores to spread.

The roots actually start to die as the fungus spreads and then the tree won’t be able to absorb any nutrients. If you notice yellow or wilting leaves, it’s possible that you’re dealing with root rot. You may not see any flowers and the overall growth of your plant will slow down. 

If you’re sure you’re dealing with root rot, you’ll need to make a call if the tree can actually be saved. When checking the roots, if you see that the entire root system is mushy, you probably can’t do anything.

If you see white roots you can add soil to the area and ensure drainage. You’ll need to get rid of brown and mushy roots and can use sharp scissors to do this pruning process. Once you’ve pruned off the dead roots, be sure to sterilise your tools.

Armillaria root rot

Armillaria rootrot is another type of root disease. This is caused by the Armillaria luteobubalina fungal infection in Australia. It is also known as the honeytoadstool and the bootlacefungus. 

Some of the symptoms to watch out for are yellow leaves, stunted development, and death back. If you cut off a bit of bark, you might find white fungus.

Sometimes, fungal growths may also grow in soil and attach themselves to roots. You’ll need to prune out the tree bark and roots that have been affected. 

This review will help you to choose the best garden choppers to tackle larger pruning tasks. 

You can actually paint the parts of the tree where you have made cuts for pruning, with a paint that’s made for plastic. It’s best to uncover the crown and roots of the tree and leave them exposed to the air.

Air exposure can kill the Armillaria fungal infection. It’s best to burn any parts of the tree that you have pruned off to get rid of them safely and to make sure that no other plants and trees are affected or infected.

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How to Grow Rainbow Eucalyptus In Australia

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