What are the most loved varieties of the NSW Christmas Bush variety, and why?

It would have to be ‘Albery’s Red’, which is quite big and provides stunning bright red ‘flowers’It is also the name. There is also ‘Red, Red, Red Christmas’You have to love these festive names! As they age, their bracts become darker in color.

If you’re looking for something a little more compact, the dwarf ‘Johanna’s Christmas’ won’t grow taller than 3 metres.

When does the Christmas bush flower? 

The red ‘flowers’ of the New South Wales Christmas Bush aren’t really flowers. The tree’s true flowers are produced in spring. The flowers are quite small, a white to cream colour in a star shape and they don’t have a very nice smell.

These little leaves protect the flower bud and are also known as bracts or sepals. They arrive after the flowers are gone. These are the parts that keep their vibrant red colour from November to February.  

Can you dry Christmas Bushes

Yes, you can dry and keep Christmas bush for up to one month. Just don’t allow it to become frozen in the process. 

Where did the NSW Christmas Bush name get its botanical name,

Ceratopetalum Gummiferum is the scientific name of this tree. Its horn-shaped, horn-shaped, petals are a reference to it. The bark of the tree actually makes more gum when cut.

How long does a Christmas Bush cutting last?

These beautiful cuttings can be kept up to three weeks after being cut. So get all your bowls and vases ready for a special dinner. Use scissors or shears for cutting the stems at an angle. It will prolong the life of your cuttings. 

Why is my Christmas bush turning brown?

This could be a sign that your soil has been overwatered. You should inspect your soil for signs of overwatering. Instead, let your soil dry out before you water again. It could be that your tree is turning brown after it has been fertilized. You can flush the soil with water. 

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How to Grow Christmas Bushes in NSW

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