Learn how to Develop Native Violet in Australia

Australian Native Violet Pests and Ailments

Apart from very typical backyard pests and ailments, Australian native violets are just about bulletproof. Nonetheless, we’ve put collectively a listing of widespread issues for native violets that can assist you carry on prime of your pants, significantly when you’re rising them for bush tucker.


Aphids love native violets as a result of they’ve contemporary progress for nearly twelve months of the 12 months. Aphids, the small white, black, or inexperienced flies that collect in dense teams on new progress of herbaceous and annual crops, do little hurt to your crops however will damage a harvest.

To stop aphids on bush tucker violets, web your crop in early spring, or plant companion crops like basil or marigolds which assist to discourage them.

There’s no motive to spray aphids on violas as they trigger little or no harm to crops, and even natural sprays will damage the flavour of a leaf crop.

Spider mites

Spider mites are a giant drawback on native violets in Western Australia because the drier situations are perfect for them, and so they thrive within the humid undergrowth away from in any other case dry gardens. 

The one efficient solution to do away with spider mites, which spin ugly silk webs throughout complete fields of violets, is to introduce predators.

Crops pollen-rich crops to draw wasps, and encourage ladybirds into the backyard with flat-topped flowers like fennel or angelica.


As a result of Australian violets unfold by means of roots, shoots, and seeds, they are often fairly badly affected by nematodes. There’s little or no you are able to do a few nematode infestation aside from shopping for useful predatory nematodes into your soil. 

The science being predatory nematodes continues to be younger, so long-term results are largely unknown, and the reality is that giant populations of herbaceous nematodes are, general, good for soil well being.

Nematodes might weaken naïve violets, however they’re unlikely to break them past restore. To handle them naturally, go away log piles in discreet spots round your border.

Log piles encourage floor beetles and different pure nematode predators.

Slugs & Snails

Slugs and snails don’t do a lot harm to native violets, however they’re a pest when you’re rising them for harvest. Nobody desires a salad with slug trails on it. 

Develop native violet in pots or window bins to restrict the possibilities of snails and slugs attending to your crop.

Mosaic virus

Mosaic virus is a fungal pathogen that causes a geometrically noticed sample throughout the foliage of herbaceous crops and annuals. It’s unfold by means of soiled instruments, contaminated compost, and by bugs. 

Conserving a clear backyard, by no means composting contaminated crops, and cleansing your instruments will usually forestall mosaic virus, however when you spot it, you should use a general-purpose natural fungicide, and take away any affected leaves.

Learn how to Develop Native Violet in Australia

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