How to Grow Kentucky Bluegrass In Australia

Kentucky Bluegrass Special features

This grass can grow in all soils as long as it is well-drained. It can grow well at temperatures between 10-18 degrees Celsius.

It takes approximately 25 days for it to germinate. Poa pratensis, a perennial grass, can be identified by closely inspecting the ends of its leaves. 

It has a characteristic “V” shape, and its very last leaf (the youngest on the stem) is folded. The plant can grow to 24 inches without needing to be mowed. 

It is a light green (bluish-green in reality) and matte, which stays that way in both summer and winter. This is particularly noticeable on golf courses.

Kentucky Bluegrass, unlike many other hardy lawns has the distinct advantage of not having a strong colonising tendency. It will not colonise or invade other grasses in your borders or beds as much as fescue and Kikuyu.

Kentucky Bluegrass can take several years to become dense, bushy. This can easily be corrected with fertilisation. Kentucky bluegrass thrives on well-drained soils, even if they are sandy. It is therefore not suitable for clay soils.

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How to Grow Kentucky Bluegrass In Australia

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