How to Grow Gazanias in Australia 

Gazania plants are easy to grow. You can easily buy young plants at garden centers. You can leave them in the ground for a long period of time without having to maintain them, provided you live in a dry area.

Here are some tips and tricks for Gazania to look their very best.

Best conditions to plant Gazanias

Preference for the soil

Gazania thrives on poor soil with good drainage. Gazania can also be grown in the wild without nutrients. Gazania can easily root in rock crevices and loose sand.

To enhance the flowering display, you can combine grit and soil with compost to create containers. This will increase their appeal as perennial flowering borders.

Watering Gazania

Gazania will die from too much water. Gazania should not have to be watered for longer than a few weeks in order to establish good root contacts. They should be watered only during prolonged droughts.

Sunlight is essential

Gazania should only be planted in areas that receive at least 8 hours of direct sunlight per day in summer. Gazania grows in open ground and doesn’t like to be shaded by trees or shrubs.

Find a North-facing spot that allows them to get as much direct sunlight as possible.


Gazanias found in cooler parts of Australia should be treated or protected with regular yearly seedings. However, Gazania species and cultivars can’t be considered annual plants.

Provided the temperature doesn’t drop below 7°C, Gazania will re-flower year after year. If temperatures can be kept over 10°C most species will even hold their foliage right through winter, though this is also affected by wet weather, which can rot off the top growth in autumn and winter.


Gazanias are tolerant to extreme wind, salty or prolonged drought. They are bred mostly using coastal species genes to produce cultivars. They are extremely tough. They require shelter from hail, frost, and torrential rain.

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How to Grow Gazanias in Australia

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