Horizon Forbidden West Boxes: What Are the Unidentified Signals


These are some the most mysterious collectibles on the market Horizon Forbidden WestThese are the Black BoxesThey are scattered throughout the wilderness.

Chronicling the final moments of old-world pilots in their last stand against the machines, some of these pieces of inscrutable technology require story items to obtain and you will be finding them throughout most of Aloy’s adventure.

Black Boxes exist before you even know that they exist. “Unidentified Signals”Horizon Forbidden West contains 12 Black Boxes. Some of these boxes are easier to find than others.

While finding one Black Box will give you the location of another somewhere throughout the Forbidden West, they’re not revealed in order.

Here are the exact locations where each Black Box is located in Horizon Forbidden West. What you should do to get them.

Where can I find the Black Boxes of Horizon Forbidden West delivered to my home?

Once you have visited Memorial Grove, the seat of Tenakth leader’s leader, you will have the opportunity to trade Black Boxes with a museum merchant for rare machine components.

After you’ve delivered all of the Black Boxes, you receive an ultimate prize which is definitely worth laying your hands on since it’s great for dealing with Arena challenges and tough late-game enemies.

Where are the Black Boxes from Horizon Forbidden West found?

  • No Man’s Land Black Box


The No Man’s Land Black Box is found in the hills to the southwest of the Relic Ruin. Grab the keys by their handle. box inside.

  • The Whitewatch Peaks Black Box

The Whitewatch Peaks Black Box can be found in the mountains southwest from Plainsong.

The Pullcaster can be used by the user to remove the clamps and collect the item.

The Jagged Deep Early black box is possible. However, you will not be able to breathe underwater for long enough until you have completed your Sea of Sands story missions.

Grabbing it from near The Spinebreak is simple once you’ve unlocked the ability.

The northeast corner is Plainsong. To find The Promontory Black Box, go to the northeast corner. Focus on the energy cell located near you to locate it.

Once you have opened the door by slotting the cell in, you will need the Seeds of the Past vine cutting tool to remove the Metal Flower. box.

The Bleeding mark box black box can be found in the snowy area north of the High Turning.

Grab the exposed plan from a cliff face and grab the items you need.

The Oseram Camp, located in the desert, can provide the Stillsands Black Box.

You will still require the vine cutter from the Seeds of the Past story missions.

Just to the east of the Memorial Grove, there’s another Black Box in a crashed plane in the Jungle canopy.

Then climb the rocks and grab the rear of the plane.

Salt Bite is located north of Memorial Grove, right at the top of the map.

The Black Box is located in the back of the hunter’s shop. To reach it, you will need your Pullcaster to turn its vent.

The Raintrace Black Box is located at the Oseram salva camping, south from the Memorial Grove.

Use the vine cutter to remove the blockage. Next, grab the energy cells of the other half to unlock the door.

The Black Box will then become accessible.

The Bonewhite Tears Black Box is located northwest of Bulwark.

To open the door, use energy from the campfire to your right.

  • Stand of the Sentinels Black Box

Near the Memorial Grove on the West Coast is the Stand of the Sentinels Black Box.

To get to what you need, slide the crate to one side.

Finally, the Isle of Spires Black Box can be found to the northwest of Landfall.

It is possible climb the jungle cliffs north of the crash site and then approach from southwest.

For more information about hidden collectibles on the frontier, please see our Horizon Forbidden West Guide.

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Horizon Forbidden West Boxes: What Are the Unidentified Signals

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