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Grevillea Robyn Gordon Diseases and Pests

Grevillea is rarely affected when grown outdoors in Australia. The presence or occurrence fungal and/or insect problems is a sign that Grevillea has been planted poorly. These problems almost always occur because of damp conditions.

Scale and leaf borer 

We’ve got a run-through of the most common pests and diseases below, but the best way to fix all of them is to improve drainage. Grevillea Robyn George is home two very common pests: leaf borers and scale.

Both can indicate that leaves are suffering due to damp conditions. If they aren’t addressed, both can lead you to fungal infections.

Scale insects are brown, creamy-coloured insects. They secrete a creamy-coloured secretion. This protects them against predators. Leaf borers are harder to spot, but you’ll probably notice brown or yellow rings around damaged sections of leaf.

To reduce the problem, you may be able to improve drainage. You can quickly get rid of both the pesticide and the problem by spraying the plant with an organic insecticide like neem oil.

Grevillea Robyn Gordon is very healthy, but poor plant placement and damp conditions can lead to fungal problems.

Fungal infection

Wilted or discolored leaves can be caused by fungal infections. These will eventually fall off the plant and spread to other shoots. This can result in mushy or brown stems. To prevent further damage, take out any discolored parts.

Root rot, especially fungal, can be more difficult to treat. However, there are ways to overcome it. There are soil treatments available that can be used for fungal infections of plant rootsThis can be used to treat early signs and symptoms of infection.

Black sooty mould

Scale insects spread black mould from one plant to the next.. It is exactly the same as what it sounds, and grows around the base and along young shoots. It causes flowers and leaves to drop from the Grevillea. 

Leaves can become spore-producing by falling leaves. Stop spreading them as soon as possible.

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Grevillea Robyn Gordon | Australian Native Guide

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