Georgia bill could protect leaf-blowers from regulation

The state legislature is currently enacting a new law. It would prohibit local governments from imposing rules on when leaf blowers may be operated.

Why it mattersGas-powered leaf blowers are often used to maintain properties. Residents who are tired of constant maintenance may want an alternative. noise environmental impactsThey have forced governments to ban or restrict their use.

  • Atlanta’s noise ordinanceIt is forbidden to use leaf blowers or any other landscaping maintenance tools between 8pm-8am in residential and mixed-use zones. DeKalb County has a ban on them Only be usedWeekdays, 7:01am-9pm; weekends, 9:10am-9pm
  • Cobb GwinnettYou could also be subject to restrictions
  • Zoom outSome places, such as Washington, D.C., might have BannedCalifornia will eventually eliminate gas-powered leaf mowers by 2024.

  • Dallas, Texas is currently studying whether a ban would reduce greenhouse emissions by 43% over eight years.
  • What they’re saying: The LEAF Act’s chief sponsor, state Rep. Don Hogan of St. Simons Island, said Tuesday during a committee hearing that the bill “is for the working man out there and women who do lawncare work”Discrimination against gas-powered leaf blowers is prohibited. gardening tools.

  • Mary Kay Woodworth is executive director of Georgia Urban Agriculture Council. She stated that her organization supports the transition from gas to electric-powered blowers. “but at present the technology is not viable for most commercial use.”
  • The flip side of the coinAtlanta has been home for many residents over the years. Peter BahouthHe has advocated against gasoline-powered leaf blowers. Axios says he can hear them running through his neighborhood at certain times during the year.

    Bahouth claims that gas-powered leaf blowers can cause harm to the environment, and workers who inhale them can become ill. Bahouth claims that the landscaping industry has been slow to switch to electric-powered blowers despite them being equally powerful.

  • “In the meantime, neighbors are supposed to put up with pollution and noise until you get it together,”Bahouth said.
  • Bahouth informs Axios that leaf blowers are a common and popular tool. “so much control over nature that they can’t stand a leaf on their lawn.”

  • “We’ve given up on the sanctuary of our home and neighborhood for the sanctity of a leaf-free lawn,”Bahouth said.
  • Kristal’s thought bubble: Today’s kids will never know the joy of jumping on and wrestling in a pile of leaves.

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    Georgia bill could protect leaf-blowers from regulation

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