Fairfax County loses its popularity for gas-powered leaf blowers

Fairfax County agencies won’t be able to buy gasoline leaf blowers.

Fairfax County, Virginia government agencies stated they will only buy battery-powered leaf-blowers when the county phase out gasoline leaf blowers.

The county is concerned about noise and pollution from gas blowers and encourages residents to follow its lead.

ThePark Authority and Department of Public Works and Environmental ServicesThey have “discontinued the purchase of gas-powered blowers and are exclusively purchasing battery-powered blowers moving forward.”

The conversion will require some effort. According to the county, there are currently seven battery-powered blowers and more than 100 gas blowers.

According to the county gas-powered blowers can last for 10 years. They will soon be replaced with battery-powered models.

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved last summer the plan to phase out gas powered blowers.

“A gas-powered leaf blower produces exhaust containing both hydrocarbons and nitrous oxides both of which are components of smog,” according to the county’s website. “Two-stroke engines, which are used in gas-powered lawn equipment, emit greenhouse gases and are dirtier than engines in most cars and trucks these days.”

You can reduce the volume by switching to quieter, more battery-powered blowers.

“The noise from gas-powered lawn equipment is not only annoying, it’s also a health risk, both to the person operating the machinery and to those nearby,”According to the county website. “This exposure can lead to learning loss, headaches and hypertension.”

The goal of phasing-out gas blowers was part of the county’s Countywide Strategic Plan.

Fairfax County loses its popularity for gas-powered leaf blowers

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