I found out that my lawn mower’s gas cap was stuck to the ground when I encountered it. I needed a way to remove the gas caps without damaging my lawn mower and gas tank. Here’s what I came up with to safely remove the stuck gas cap that I will definitely repeat if it ever happens again.

How to get a Gas Cap off a Lawnmower If It’s Stuck (3 Different Gas Cap Types).

The plastic screw-type, screw-type gas cap that was attached to my lawnmower was a threaded (threaded) cap that attaches to a gas tank. I was aware that both tank and cap were made from plastic so I had the need to be cautious. Here’s my favorite method to get the gas cap off my lawn mower.

Plastic Threaded Cas

It is essential to use a good tool to remove the cap. It is essential to have a large enough tool to grasp the cap and apply pressure evenly from all sides. I found that a pair large pipe grips was the best option. They are designed to grip a round object. A pair of grips can hold the gas cap in place and not cause it to crack. The grip size is important. Do not touch the gas tank’s neck.

Next is a shop towel to cover your filler cap. A shop rag can be used for grip and protection. Once you have the tools you will need to use a specific method to remove the stuck-gas caps. It’s not difficult. Keep your center and slow down. Pipe grips can give you a lot more leverage, which is great for getting rid of stuck gas caps, but it also increases the chance that you might damage something.

Use the shop rag to hold the cap in place. Now slowly turn the cap. Now, slowly turn the cap around. This point will serve as a center point. If you use a motion off-center, you’ll run the risk of breaking the tank. If you feel a lot of resistance or feel that the tank’s neck is bending, stop. Reposition your grips again. With patience and some adjustment, the stuck gas cap can be easily removed.

Cap for Metal Winged Stuck gas

These metal-winged gas cap are becoming less common. To be honest, I’m not even sure that they are used on new lawn mowers. Many lawn mowers had metal gas tanks and metal winged gas caps. If your winged plastic gas cap becomes stuck, you can use the same procedure as to remove threaded plastic gas caps. Remember that a winged cap does not need to turn halfway.

Ratchet Safety Stuck Gas Cap

This type is used on larger lawn mowers like zero-turn and rideon. They look very similar to a car’s gas caps. Once the cap is tightened enough, it will click and turn automatically. This type gas cap can be removed by removing safety caps.

I’ve found that applying a downwards force while loosening the cap is enough to remove the stuck gas cap. The downward motion is sufficient to add friction. I haven’t found that any type of tool can help this process unless it’s completely jammed and you intend to break the cap off.

Tips to Prevent Your Gas Cap From Getting Stuck Again

My gas cap got stuck and I was shocked. I set out to find the source. Here are some tips to make sure your gas cap doesn’t get stuck again.

Plastic Thread Gas Cap glued to a Lawn Mower Tip

The cap is easy to put on and should only be tightened lightly. You should not tighten your cap too tight. This can cause damage to threads and cause the tank to become deformed.

The plastic cap should be simple to put on. If it is difficult to tighten, you might be crossing-thread. If this happens, stop. Remove the cap and try again.

The rubber washer seals off the gas cap. These washers will eventually lose their seal or become compressed over time. This could mean that you will need to tighten the cap. You should keep an eye on your washer, and replace it if necessary.

Tips for a Lawn Mower with an Metal Winged Cap

An internal washer can also be used for metal-winged gas caps. It serves the exact same purpose as plastic threaded cap. Keep an eye out for these washers and ensure that they aren’t missing or damaged.

Additionally, you will want to make sure that the actual cap isn’t damaged. It is possible that your lawn mower has one or more of these caps. It‘s normal for the cap to become worn and a bit bent up. If it does, you can straighten it and ensure it works correctly. It may feel awkward to use.

Finally, I’d recommend keeping an eye out for any corrosion. These caps are more likely to rust and will be difficult to remove. The cap can be kept free from corrosion by spraying it with wd-40 every once in a while.

Ratchet Safety gas cap glued to a lawnmower tip

Ratchet caps are heavy duty and are often used with larger lawnmowers. But this doesn’t mean they are not going to get stuck every so often. My top tip? Only tighten it as much you need. The cap should click only once or twice. When it clicks, the cap is properly tightened. If you continue to tighten the cap while the cap is clicking, you’ll be over-tightening the cap and potentially heading towards a problem.

Rubber washers should also be considered. The ratchet caps use the same washer as the others and do the same job. So, keep your eye on it and make sure it’s in place and in good condition.

Other Reasons You Can’t Get Your Gas Cap Off Your Lawn Mower

It’s not always a case of operator error or a damaged gas cap that will cause it to become stuck. The problem could also be caused by other factors. The first is the gas tank or gas cap expanding and heating up. If you’re out mowing on a hot summer’s day and the lawn mower is getting hot, then it’s common for the plastic of the tank and cap to expand just enough to cause the cap to become stuck.

In this situation, I’d recommend leaving the mower in the shade switched off for a while, allowing it to cool down. You’ll find the plastics cool down and contract to make removing the cap much easier.

Gas tanks pressing is the last reason gas caps could get stuck. This could be caused, among other things, by a lawnmower’s gas cap that isn’t properly vented, or fuel boiling. These problems can cause a vacuum or negative pressure. It doesn’t matter what, it will be difficult to remove the cap. I’ve found that if you leave the lawn mower for a while, the pressure will become neutral, and the cap will come off without a problem.

Gas Cap stuck on Lawn Mower (Do This)

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