Fruit Fly – Prevention & Treatment for Australian Gardens

Frequently Asked Questions About Fruit Fly

Will fruit flies ever be able to go away on their own?

Infestations won’t go away by themselves, and they will likely get worse over time. Even if the adults are gone, they will continue to attract new flies to the area in order to lay their eggs. 

What is the average lifespan for a fruit fly?

Adult fruit flies can live between 8-15 days. They will try to mate as many times possible to ensure the next generation.

Why are fruit flies so common in my garden?

Fruit flies are a sign that your garden is decayed. To reduce their breeding, you need to remove them and make sure they are composted more often.

Plant flowering groundcovers in areas that have fruiting trees to attract natural fly predators like ground beetles. 

Can you eat the same fruit that the fruit flies ate as you? 

Despite being disgusting, fruit flies can still be accidentally eaten. This is not cause for concern.

In mild to moderate cases, cut off any spoiled fruit and eat only the safer sections. Avoid eating any fruit with maggots or that is rotting. 

Are you looking for natural and organic pest control methods to protect your garden? Please refer to our other informative guide for more information:

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Fruit Fly – Prevention & Treatment for Australian Gardens

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